Holistic Computing Conversation Circle

July 12th, 2023

Holistic Computing Conversation Circle. A magnificent file tree inside a vast container of stars. Thinking through the dance of computing. collecting, archiving and sharing how we may occupy digital shells otherwise…

Holistic Computing Conversation Circle.
2–4pm, Sunday 16 July 2023 at Contemporary Art Tasmania.
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Presented by Nancy Mauro-Flude with ゚iRD guest Rosa Menkman

゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚Holistic Computing Conversation Circle゚・*:.。..。.:*・ is a space for artists to share their everyday computing rituals. These personal practices may encompass a range of activities, such as: Gaffa Taping our personal computer camera lens, idiosyncratic file naming conventions, chaotic archiving of personal data, and other miscellaneous forms of exchange with our devices, USBs, hard drives, networks, and environments. By increasing our awareness of these computing routines, we delve into the interconnected cycle of perception, experience, and language, which plays a crucial role in shaping our digital interactions within the ecosystems we inhabit. Through open discussions about our experiences, challenges, and aspirations, we explore the materiality of computing and gain insights into its ecological impact – for instance, the carbon footprint of sending an email.

Focusing on our vernacular computing rituals reveals the intricate relationship between real and fictional spaces we co-create with our computing devices. This conversation circle offers an introduction to auxiliary approaches and aesthetic insights into the politics of our habits – for example data storage and file formatting – and demystifies concepts like “The Cloud.” We think through how we may occupy these spaces otherwise, perhaps like a room in a bag of stars.

In this artist-centred reintroduction to computing arts, we contemplate how we navigate our personal computing infrastructure and our expectations around these conventions; the customs of sending and receiving an email, the provenance of hardware, file formats, directories/folders, the minerals and vessels we keep our data in and the space, and the lands these may occupy. Through our exploration, we will expand our understanding of digital infrastructure as a dance of computation, and discuss the challenges of preserving complex cultural heritage to nurture the counter-expertise for a more holistic, aesthetic and culturally informed relationship with digital technology.

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