Chloë Arkenbout joined INC in October 2020 as a researcher, editor and producer. She holds a BA in Media & Culture from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and worked as a freelance copywriter, journalist and communications & PR professional for several years after that. She was specialized in the cultural and social sector, where she worked for clients such as Amsterdam Art Weekend, 113 Zelfmoordpreventie, Amsterdam Dance Event, COC Nederland and Museumnacht Amsterdam. In 2020 she completed a pre-master in Philosophy. Alongside her role at the ICN, she is doing a MA in New Media & Digital Culture at the UvA. In her reasearch blog, The Digital Gutmensch, she shares her journey of navigating the ethics of challenging oppressive discourse in online debate and discusses topics such as polarization, (media) framing & inclusive language, oppressive normativity & (digital) activism and call out culture & (performative) allyship. She is also currently co-editing the upcoming INC Reader about critical meme research.  Next to her role at INC, she works as a teacher at the Communication and Multimedia Design program (including the Speculative Design minor) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and she is a member of the Research Ethics Committee. Email: chloe[at]networkcultures.org.

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