WikiXRay and Statistics on Wikipedia

A review on Felipe Ortega’s PhD thesis ‘Wikipedia: a quantitative analysis’.

Felipe Ortega’s research – Wikipedia: A quantitative analysis – is a well organized, plain structured piece of formal scientific work. It was with this thesis that he earned in 2009 a PhD degree in Computer Sciences, issued by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain). He has been a Researcher and Project Manager at Libresoft at the same university since 2007.

Ortega presents two clear objectives:
First, he wants to analyze comparatively the top ten versions of Wikipedia, based on the official number of articles in each one. He will then try to identify some characteristic patterns which should make it possible to understand the ways Wikipedia and its community functions.

Second, he wants to contribute with a new software capable of such an analysis, that could also be used by other researchers in the field…

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