Resources in English

1. Wikipedia: Collaborative Culture and the Fulfillment of a Vision

Review and short summary of Joseph Reagle‘s dissertation “In Good Faith: Wikipedia Collaboration and the Pursuit of the Universal Encyclopedia”. ( New York (NY) 2008).

2. Experiences with Wikipedia

Selection of essays collected from the blog “Masters of Media”, University of Amsterdam. Students had the task of writing an article in Wikipedia themselves, and reporting about it.

3. Wikipedia and the Politics of Open Knowledge

This text is about the CPoV research network, the two conferences (in Bangalore and in Amsterdam) and a reader. It gives an idea about the current discussion around “Wikipedia”. The sessions of the conferences (and later on of the reader) are shortly explained. You can also have an overview of the specific themes each speaker will present/presented, per session.

4. Wikimedia evolution in terms of governance and the creation of a Foundation

This text presents the work of Mayo Fuster Morell. She addresses the role of the Wikimedia Foundation for the Wikimedia eco-system (and its international-global expansion). Furthermore, her approach starts from the thesis that there is a lack of attention in Wikipedia research to the Foundation and in general to the more formal organizational aspects.

5. Response to Jaron Lanier’s Digital Maoism

Response to his controversial essay on Edge, focusing on the understanding of concepts and misleading comparisons.

6. WikiXRay and Statistics on Wikipedia

Review on Felipe Ortega’s PhD thesis ‘Wikipedia: a quantitative analysis’. (, Madrid (ES) 2009)

7. The ignored Cabal

Review on Daniel Angel Bradford’s thesis ‘No Big Deal: How Wikipedia’s Administrators Help Shape and Influence the Project’. Melbourne (AU) 2009.

8. Dalby: anecdotes and povs on Wikipedia

Review on Andrew Dalby’s book “The world and Wikipedia. How we are editing reality”, Somerset (UK) 2009.