Karatzogianni: The Process is Radical the Content is Not

CPoV Wikipedia Conference

Karatzogianni combines in her talk the theory of cyberconflicts and media. According to her you have to see the Internet as a dialogue. We are looking at a medium and we have to analyse the discourses at that medium. So what control of information do we have?

We are using the open source as a choice, we try to keep it very open but it is a mistake to give the people this role. In this environment, Wikipedia and similar endeavors, provides a battleground for dominance in our global political consciousness. This battleground has internal conflicts, competitors within the open software movement and external others in the overall business of knowledge. The tread is not Wikipedia’s content, and even the battle of edit wars is futile. The real threat and promise of Wikipedia and open knowledge production is not an alternative knowledge production, but the alternative to knowledge production.

Wikipedia content is producing a single neutral point of view, knowledge is constantly shifting but adhering to the universal neutral fact based encyclopedia.

The process is radical the content is not. University scholars learn multiple points of view and Karatzogianni strongly advocated multiple points of view during teaching but Wikipedia only provides a single point of view.

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