Wikipedia GLAM

Wikipedia GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) is a project initiative that tries to encourage culture-sector professionals to improve Wikipedia in their area of expertise. The project page provides the future contributor with some basic guidance and tips in order to edit Wikipedia articles.

Some examples of Wikipedia/culture-sector interaction can be found on the same page. Most of them are positive ones, such as a number of donations made by the German Federal Archives or the Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam) to the Wikimedia Commons or the projects Wikipedia Loves Art coordinated by the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the sister project Wiki Loves Art from the Netherlands.

Other related WikiProjects in the cultural area are:

  • WikiProject Arts, which includes several subprojects involving more specific themes like asthetics, films, visual arts, dance, theater, etc;
  • WikiProject Libraries, which involves coordinating and mainteining library-related content as well as assisting Wikipedia with categorizations;
  • WikiProject Museums , which has among other goals the improvement on Wikipedia’s coverage of museums.

A conference on the GLAM theme has been held in Australia in August 2009. Furthermore, a list of reccomendations addressed to the GLAM sector concerning law, technology, education and business has been developed and can be accessed under GLAM-WIKI Recommendations.
A similar event is being planned for October 2010 in London by the Wikimedia UK .