Wikitrust reduces ‘oracle’ ilusion

Wikitrust is an open source software that can be added to your firefox extensions. It shows you “the origin and author of every word of a wiki, as well as a measure of text trust that indicates the extent with which text has been revised”.

Jaron Lanier points out in his essay Digital Maoismus that
“In the last year or two the trend has been to remove the scent of people, so as to come as close as possible to simulating the appearance of content emerging out of the Web
as if it were speaking to us as a supernatural oracle.”
His critique here is clear if you take the platform design of Wikipedia into account.
Due to the lack of vision on who, rather than what, has authored an article in Wikipedia, the information presented on the articles’ main pages wins an ‘oracle’ quality.
I mean, it just makes it look a lot more authoritative than it would look like, if you could see the work of the many individuals who were actually behind the authoring of an article.

Using Wikitrust allows the Wikipedia user to have a better understanding of how Wikipedia articles come to existance, making the ‘oracle’ ilusion generated by its design to be, at least, reduced.
The information does not come out of ‘the web’ or ‘Wikipedia’ anymore, it can be traced back to individuals.

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