A Poem about Suggested Reactions

<3<3<3 or

Oh my lol. Tricky.

Wow just wow or Wow! 

Let me think.


Let me just,

Sit there in the corner and,

try and make something rational out of these blue guts;

Anything lucid a day keeps the companies of sadness away.


I believe it’s more complicated than

me attending a corner,

rhizomatic thinking of sorts,

a neglect of hdifnskkdj.


Anyway, Denial,

was my first lesson towards recovery

In How to Catch Up studies 

taught by Foreign Countries You so Much Want to Belong to. 


Second lesson: 

Take the eyes off the ball for one split second, 

and The rules for living have changed. 

If none of the suggested reactions 

concern the aura between your walls,

Perhaps it’s time to build new ones.


Years of not snoozing my alarm, 

Got me skeptical/rather questionable,

About Technology. 

I merged it all. 

I like Technology. 


Third lesson: 

Glance, but don’t look back.


I’m leaving. I’m going back. Briefly. I’ll come back. I’ll be back. Soon. Maybe. 

I’m returning,

but I don’t know in which direction.



I’m not here and

there where I am

I find myself looking forward 

to their ads department.

There must be something cultural in them. The radio confirms: 

THE question: Who drives better, women or men?

is out of fashion, – he recites.

What’s the name of your insurance company?

dot dot dot


I’m all ears.

In fact,

I’m growing more ears out there in the garden,

Fostering The Unconditional Attunement Troops. Subscribe.


As the soldiers are grasping the many ways to breathe, 

I investigate. 

I look at women performing so well,

They moved on – I think to myself, For sure.


It’s nice,

To be able to produce an abstraction

Of someone else’s truth.

Also nice, 

their publicly available,

private snickering.

Whose idea was that? 


While the umbilical cords

Are being cut everywhere,

Suggestions come in handy. 


As we are working on an updated version of reactions,

We expect a maintenance interruption

By conventional forms of attitudes. 

If this case applies to you, 

We kindly ask you to click here. 


I’m indifferent but, 

I love when she sings

you don’t need to save money,

you can save me.


Certain theories

saved my life;

Certain others

saved none.


In this life full of memes,

for adult-oriented teens,

Suggested reactions are never

not binary:

One party yoyoes,

second one yoloes,

they perf!



indepe_dantic, follows

insignificuntttt, follows

evol_distraction and it,

ends there. For a brief moment. 


Whose poetry is this?

I never heard anyone suggest.

Who gets to write poetry?

I’m not proposing to go there but,

doesn’t the pattern just make you wonder? 


Then I remembered when he suggested to

Shhh. and

I want you to see a therapist (/my therapist).


Surprisingly it worked. 

I shushed,

The therapist shushed.

She/she shushed,

She shushed,

We shushed. 

They shushed.


In acoustics of it all, 

I lost my sensitivity to local needs.

The reason why I hate exposing my structure, 

Is because I fear

not belonging in yours. 


And since we are all made of certain patterns,

When our talking turns into scoring,

Is the moment when

Suggestions come in handy.


Anyway I decided to commit 

To an investment. 

More gardens to foster

more profitable ears. 

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Maisa Imamovic