European kind of waiting

The deadline for waiting is

Hard to measure. 


Official ends to waiting processes were invented by the ministry,

I believe.


If there are any,

Bureaucratic reasons to wait, 

The waiting may come too early. 

In which case, 


Almost fruitless.


If not as smooth,

Sweet days of discipline,

Is a relevant song. 


The song.


I measure waiting, 

by the number of seconds,

it takes,

to burst.


Bursting doesn’t ask if the moment is right. 

Nor does it explain,

its arrival. 


Like Friday on the phone. 


What if? – I asked her.

What if I don’t,

and then I have to,

and if I have to,

what would I have to? 


I really wanted a soft conversation;

Just in case,

Of this and that. 


But she couldn’t tell me.

She talked about her colleagues,

a lot. I think they were men. 

They sounded like men. 

I heard a man. 

It didn’t sound like he had more information. 


I think what she tried to say was that,

She is planning to have a private conversation,

with them;

Without me,

rating their presentation. 


She has a strategy.



she will let me know! 

As soon as possible. 


Then I won’t have to do this if that happens. 




Forms of waiting shape independently,

in a person’s life. 


It’s not only the eyes that burst. 

The skin tries to rid itself,

to make the waiting,

less painful;

A bit more comfortable.




I love waiting;

Let’s say. 


I feel light. I am the light. 


In this commissioned waiting, 

Exactly ten days late,

I’m told,

that this waiting can be mine. 

I can own it.



I should own it.




I just wanna get it done with.

Clean forget.


Unless the consequential bursting can be reimbursed,

Where do I sign?

or do we keep it low?


Maisa Imamovic