Conference reports

21 November 2005

*The Art and Politics of Netporn* was the first major international conference of netporn criticism.
The netporn mailing list [Netporn-l] is our tool for social networking and brainstorming in the months before and after the conference, but also an open international forum on netporn criticism. [Netporn-l] aims to facilitate the circulation of ideas, papers, bookmarks, events, art projects, statements, and to share and forward general information about netporn.

In addition to the mailing list, a ‘delicious’ and ‘wiki’ website have been set up to collect resources, to edit definitions and categories of the netporn matrix and to open the field of pornology. To visit or subscribe, just click the icons on the right or the links below.

We invite the conference participants and everyone interested in netporn phenomena to sign up to the list and start discussions in this online environment. We invite you also to join the collective open editing on delicious and the wiki pages.

Stimulators: Katrin Jacobs, Geert Lovink, Sabine Niederer, Matteo Pasquinelli.


*Dougal Phillips, ‘Can Desire Go on Without a Body? Pornographic
Exchange and the Death of the Sun’.

Every day there are 68 million search engine requests for pornographic material, making up no less than a quarter of all searches. Porn websites account for as much as a quarter of all websites online. In this article Dougal Phillips considers the structural operation of the economy of desire found in online pornography, in particular the resonances it has with questions of the future of human technology and of the relationship between thought, desire and the body. Closely engaging with the work of Jean-François Lyotard, Phillips addresses two pressing issues: first, how we view the relation between technology and the body; and second, how a rethinking of the economies of the pornographic makes problematic the current theorisation of desire and of pornography.

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