sergio messina

sergio messina (with a small english section)

My name is Sergio Messina, I’m an independent musician, journalist and technology researcher based in Milano, Italy. My field of interest within Netporn is digital amateur sexual imagery, the type that begun when digital tools (cameras and web) became widespread in the late nineties. There are many fascinating sexual, political and social implications in this material, that I call Real Core; differently from Soft Core (simulated sex) and Hard Core (real sex but simulated situation), here what matters are intentions and reality, over beauty, good lighting and even genital depiction. You can find elements of this research, along with small sample pictures from my first conference and some press reviews, here:
In my talk I plan to cover a brief history of Real Core and the latest developments, along with some of the most controversial implications: legal, racial, and obviously ethical. I’m really looking forward to Netporn: it was about time to start a serious discussion about porno in the digital age. It’s another example of practice going ahead of theory, way ahead in my opinion.