Announcement: We Are Not Sick at Zürich’s Lange Nacht Festival

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, We Are Not Sick will be hosted by the research lab Band of Burnouts at Zurich’s annual contemporary music festival Lange Nacht (Long Night).

The research lab will recreate We Are Not Sick’s mixed-media performances, with the Sad by Design album being played in full with an accompanying projection of image collections reflecting the encroaching sadness provoked by social media architectures.

Although band members Geert and John won’t be present, We Are Not Sick’s atmospheric sets will be recreated at the Mehrspur club, with a special edition zine available onsite including an interview between myself and Geert Lovink, a band poster, and micro-publication of the Sad by Design album’s lyrics.


  • Where: 
    Mehrspur Music Club
    Toni-Areal, Förrlibuckstrasse 109, 8005 Zürich
  • When:
    Saturday 3rd July, 19:30


About Band of Burnouts

Band of Burnouts is a research lab with the School of Commons undertaking a transdisciplinary study of the burnout in a multi-perspective, multi-voiced exploration of experiences. Focuses of the lab’s research include accounting for the unaccounted details, considering the burnout as a collective rather than individual experience, and taking seriously the body as a producer of knowledge.


About Lange Nacht Festival

Since 2014, the Lange Nacht (Long Night) festival has presented the forefront of contemporary music in and around Zürich over a weekend in July. The annual festival celebrates and presents the full spectrum of music, silence, sound, tone, and noise. The spectrum includes works of classical modernism as well as world premieres, instrumental and tape compositions, video and sound installations, improvisations by people, machines and objects, performances, rituals, and genres for which there is no name yet.



Jess Henderson

Jess Henderson, founder of No Fun and Outsider, is an independent writer and researcher based in Zürich and Amsterdam. She is the author of Offline Matters: The Less-Digital Guide to Creative Work (Amsterdam: BIS Publishers, 2020), and is currently undertaking the first transdisciplinary study of the burnout.