New interviews upcoming!

As the Out of Ink project has been activated again, soon there will be some new interviews with new questions and new targets: as it’s taking shape, the project’s aim in the next months will be to make a deep inquiry in the work of the makers of the book, both traditional and digital.

We started last year with some interviews to publishers made by my colleague Silvio Lorusso. Now The project will extend its field of investigation to the other professionals involved in the making of the book, in order to gather further information to better formulate our research question and get an idea of what is going on the whole domain.

New makers, new questions.
Some of the questions will be common to the different professionals we are going to meet, and some will be specific to each kind of practice, to better frame the different kind of makers, their thoughts and needs. The collected answers will eventually help in the formulation of new ones.

Who are the book makers?
Of course publishers, and also designers, artists, programmers and librarians.

We will start next week with the designers, with an interview to the dutch Amsterdam-based designer Niels Schrader, founder of the studio Mind Design. Upcoming interview, Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen from Lust studio, based in The Hague.