Ulay’s Proposition: Two last words — my interpretation: death simple

March 5th, 2020

Valē Ulay – a shining Nucleus in the world of Performance Art. He radiated commitment to freedom and responsibility to all he came in contact with. When I first met him, Ulay took me aside and said “stop acting just be yourself”.

The next day he led us through a 24-hour silent meditation to a corpse in which I could ponder over exactly what he meant. After he offered us a ‘host-sweet’ covered in real silver.

Ulay’s Proposition:
Imagination — Death Image
The actor / performer can encounter death — a dead Other — not him or herself. The actor / performer can’t play dead — children play ‘like’ dead.
The act of act-ual dying — theatre / movie end. Endless interpretations — but dying.
Two last words — my interpretation: death simple



Screenshot from Paul Perry’s blog — with Sarah Manya, Paul Perry, Leyna M. Papach, Mark Jansen and Hans Bryssinck


Hans Bryssinck and I swapped our time clock around so we would awaken at 11pm and go to the rehearsal studio at Westergasfabriek before it was ruined by IAMAMSTERDAM Culture Park Westergasfabriek to devise our work with a couch that resembled a coffin… it was a privilege

The Couch (2001) Nancy Mauro-Flude and Hans Bryssink.

From 2001-4 I was an artistic researcher at DasArts a renowned post-academic centre for experimental theatre and art. At the time it was positioned at the heart of the international performance art world and founded under the aegis of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, entry was by audition only, received a stipend it enabled me to explore the vast horizons of artistic practice and expand my networks. Mentored by internationally renowned artists in visual culture and contemporary performance landscapes noted for their enthralling inimitable integration of emerging technologies and software development for theatre.

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