Performing Protocol

This research journal will be a place to further develop counter concepts and strategies for the technological avant garde. For artists, activists, researchers, designers & academics interested in the potential of technology to mobilize a collective emancipatory politics. Proof of work will present alternative digital culture(s) that operate amongst the vast landscape of vaper-ware accentuated by venture capital and innovation industries.

What are contingent strategies for reclaiming visions of a technological future that does not adhere to the one sided narratives from large internet companies? How can critical dialogue not just inform but shape and direct the dominant narratives perpetuated by techno-utopianism? Can technology be effectively used to develop and mobilize a radical socialist politics in the 21st century?

I will be situating my research with familiar (but often discarded) writings in and around cyberculture, cybernetics, network theory and science fiction to contextualize the present state of the perpetual now. This means providing well needed context to looming technological inevitabilities such as the singularity, automation, artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies & de-centralized autonomous entities.