Launch Speech 1- Korinna Patelis (CUT)

Korinna Patelis from Cyprus University of Technology welcomed the participants launching the idea of the creation of Unlike Us network.

It might seem that Unlike Us, is a network created by people that opposed to social media but this is not the truth. A badge of academics that have a lot of love of social media created this network.  This love is the one that make us enjoy the use of social media and social networks. This love is essential  for the research on social media.
Korina Patelis

Why billion people all around the world are using facebook although they know that it uses their data in a way
they do not approve? Why they are obsessed with a tool so much?That are questions amongst many that Unlike Us intends to answer, to find what is the thing that makes social media so compelling to so many users all around the world, although the prominent risks.

Mrs Patelis stated the importance of the idea of processing that is becoming equivalent on using. All that matter in
social media is that users (we) are the processes in social media. Social media are giving the chance of production of content to users. Users are a part of a process  of standardization and customization amongst others.
Korina Patelis
Acceleration of structures is really important on social media. Structure is in our everyday life and frame the way that we use the social media.

In her closing Mrs Patelis denoted that Unlike Us network is a really fresh initiative. Its’ intention focuses on
showing the way to all the people that are interested to understand this endless chaos that is taking place in the social media universe.

All you need to do is to participate and join the Unlike Network and be a part of this endless process of the production of content and a different proposal of socializing.


In an environment where nothing can be understood as isolated from the things and situations where is was generated,
everything in social media can be an object of research.

Join this world, identify the way social media work and the way people interact within them as to become a better
PLAYER of the game.