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Supported by:
#3 / 2013:
Create-IT, Applied Research Centre
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Mondriaan Fund
Foundation for Democracy and Media

The Institute of Network Cultures is still looking for contributors and sponsors for the realization of the Unlike Us network and conferences. If you are interested in any form of sponsorship or have other ideas please contact: Margreet Riphagen, margreet[at]networkcultures[dot].org.

The Limassol event is made possible by the kind support of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, who has sponsored our keynote speaker and the speakers dinner.

Organized by:
Concept: Geert Lovink (geert[at]xs4all[dot]com) and Korinna Patelis

#3 / 2013:
Institute of Network Cultures
Editorial board: Geert Lovink, Margreet Riphagen, Miriam Rasch, Seda Gürses, Marc Stumpel and Lonneke van der Velden
Visual identity: Thomas Boerboom & Simona Kicurovska

Institute of Network Cultures and Cyprus University of Technology
Editorial board #2: Geert Lovink, Korinna Patelis, Marc Stumpel, Sabine Niederer and Margreet Riphagen
Research: Marc Stumpel
Producer Cyprus: Elektra Pavlaki
Producer: Marc Stumpel
Visual identity: Giulia Ciliberto & Silvio Lorusso

Margreet Riphagen: