Visible Cities #04: The City As Interface – Wednesday 02 June 2010

Visible Cities #04: The City As Interface

Wednesday  02 June 2010
De Verdieping @ TrouwAmsterdam | Wibautstraat 127 |
start 20:00 |
Entrance 2,50


Guests: Rene van Engelenburg ( and Gijs Broos (City Media Rotterdam)

Visible Cities
Visible Cities presents a revolving programme on how emerging technologies are changing the cities we live in. The widespread employment and adoption of ubiquitous computing, sensor networks and mobile media into the urban environment have unforeseen implications for how our cultures might come to use networked digital resources to change the way we understand, build, and inhabit cities.

The City As Interface
With the proliferation of screens in urban space, the city increasingly acts as an interface connecting and offering communication between the public and various forms of cultural content. Profoundly altering the urban environment and offering diverse possibilities for public engagement, urban screens can take the shape of LED signs and screens, plasma screens, projections as well as intelligent architectural surfaces, light projects and a whole collection of other possibilities that move away from traditional understandings of the screen.

Organized in partnership with illuminate Outdoor Media, the Institute of Network Cultures and the Urban Screens Association (Amsterdam), this month’s edition of Visible Cities presents Rene van Engelenburg from and Gijs Broos from City Media Rotterdam, discussing their projects and sharing personal insights to explore how different approaches to screens in urban environments offer diverse possibilities for enhancing the public domain, engaging the public in designing the city space and providing a site for sharing and exchanging cultural content.

The next ‘The City as Interface’ event will be Impakt Online, which will be presented at and during Impakt festival 2010 ‘Matrix City’

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De Verdieping is the cultural project space underneath club and restaurant TrouwAmsterdam.

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