manchester 07

Urban Screens Manchester 07: It’s about content!

October 11-12, 2007 | Cornerhouse & Manchester Town House, Manchester
Urban Screens Manchester 07 focused on the development of non-commercial content for big urban displays such as LED, LCD, plasma screens, media facades and projections onto buildings. What characterises these huge displays as media platforms in urban space, and which particular spatial and social situations do they create? How are they perceived? How does creative content flow from this? At the two-day international conference media experts, designers, artists, architects and broadcasters explored the vast spectrum of potential content for urban displays.

speakers: Adam Hyde, Alexander Stublić, André Hesse, Anette Schäfer, Ava Fatah gen. Schieck, Charles Earl Love Yust, Christoph Kronhagel, Cécile Babiole, Dan Albritton, David Lakin, Dooeun Choi, Areti Galani, Beryl Graham, Jo Bryce, Paul Coulton, Stephen Brennan, Susanne Jaschko, Els Vermang, Esther Johnson, Glenn Harding, Günther Selicha, Helen Wewiora, Ingrid Smit, Jai Redman, Jason DaPonte, Jason Lewis, Jean-Claude Bustros, Jochen Gerz, Jury Hahn, Karen Gaskill, Kim Halskov, Kristin Gray, Lucy Bullivant, M. Hank Haeusler, Marcus Kreiss, Maria Stukoff, Mark Aerial Waller, Mark Bennett, Mathias Fuchs, Michael Joroff, Michelle Cotton, Michelle Kasprzak, Mike Gibbons, Myriam Thyes, Perry Bard, Erkki Huhtamo, Joachim Sauter, Mike Stubbs, Saul Albert, Theresa Caruana, Uta Caspary, Susan Pui San Lok.

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