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These are the links to the videos of all the talks for the CPoV Conference in Amsterdam - Enjoy!

Ramón Reichert (AT) Rethinking Wikipedia: Power, Knowledge and the Technologies of the Self
Jeanette Hofmann (DE) Wikipedia between Emancipation and Self-Regulation
Mathieu O’Neil (AU) The Critique of Law in Free Online Projects
Gérard Wormser (FR) The Knowledge Bar

Joseph Reagle (USA) Wikipedia and Encyclopedic Anxiety
Charles van den Heuvel (NL) Authoritative Annotations, Encyclopedia Universalis Mundaneum, Wikipedia and the Stanford Encycloped
Dan O’Sullivan (UK) An Encyclopedia for the Times: Thoughts on Wikipedia from a His- torical Perspective
Alan Shapiro (USA/DE) Gustave Flaubert Laughs at Wikipedia
Discussion session 2 Encyclopedia Histories: 13.30 – 15.30. Friday, March 26
Moderaror: Nathaniel Tkacz
Speakers: Joseph Reagle, Charles van den Heuvel, Dan O'Sullivan, Alan Shapiro

Hendrik-Jan Grievink (NL) Wiki Loves Art
Scott Kildall (USA) Wikipedia Art: Citation as Performative Act
Patrick Lichty (USA) Social Media, Cultural Scaffolds, and Molecular Hegemonies. Musings on Anarchic Media, WIKIs, and De-territorialized Art
Discussion session 3 Wiki Art: 15.45 – 17.30. Friday, March 26
Moderator: Rachel Somers Miles
Speakers: Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Scott Kildall, Patrick Lichty

Felipe Ortega (ES) New Trends in the Evolution of Wikipedia
Stuart Geiger (USA) Bot Politics: The Domination, Subversion, and Negotiation of Code in Wikipedia
Hans Varghese Mathews (IN) Clustering the Contributors to a Wikipedia Page
Esther Weltevrede (NL) and Erik Borra (BE/NL) Controversy Analysis with Wikipedia
Discussion session 4 Wiki Analytics: 10.00 – 12.30. Saturday, March 27
Moderator: NIshant Shah
Speakers: Felipe Ortega, Stuart Geiger, Hans Varghese Mathews, Esther Weltevrede & Erik Borra

Lawrence Liang (IN) Wikipedia and the authority of knowledge
Teemu Mikkonen (FI) Kosovo War on Wikipedia, Tracing the Conflict and Concensus on the Wikipedia Talk pages
Andrew Famiglietti (USA) Negotiating the Neutral Point of View: Politics and the Moral Economy of Wikipedia
Florian Cramer (DE/NL) The German WikiWars and the limits of objectivism
Discussion session 5 Designing Debate: 13.30 – 15.30. Saturday, March 27
Moderator: Caroline Nevejan
Speakers: Lawrence Liang, Teemu Mikkonen, Andrew Famiglietti, Florian Cramer

Mayo Fuster Morell (IT) Wikimedia Governance: The Role of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Form and Geopolitics of its Internationalization
Athina Karatzogianni (UK) Wikipedia’s Impact on the Global Power-Knowledge Hierarchies
Maja van der Velden (NL/NO) When Knowledges Meet: Database Design and the Performance of Knowledge
Amit Basole (IN) Knowledge Satyagraha: Towards a People’s Knowledge Movement
Discussion session 6 Global Issues and Outlooks: 15.45 – 17.30. Saturday, March 27
Moderator: Johanna Niesyto
Speakers: Mayo Fuster Morell, Athina Karatzogianni, Maja van der Velden, Amit Basole
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