since we’re not travelling that much recently,
I thought it would have been rather interesting
to see where we have been staying [ stranded? ] most of the time

what follows is a tentative gallery
of confidential digital dispatches,
aka friends scattered around the globe
reporting from their very atomized capsules

if you feel like contributing to this project,
just send me your take to < >

+ + let this exhibition-like post grow across time! + +

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MY chain-originating PIECE

greetings from
(almost totally outdated) OS X Mavericks

things are great here,
trying to reduce the number of folders
but it’s not THAT easy

btw – I’m particularly happy with the overlapping
of the croissant-shaped folder and the thai sun



_____   /  \    _____   /  \    _____

MY MAILBOX as of 13.11.2021

Hello everyone from Windows 10 version “who cares at this point??”!

Right here, in my virtual middle-class Tokyo apartment complex
I’m eased by the morning light flowing over my terrace
(it sure feels like a Studio Ghibli movie)

Trying to keep everything icon-free and organized
to go with the minimalist vibes 🎑

Best wishes,



Ciao Alberto!
here in Gatesland the atmosphere is a bit lame.

Things don’t go badly but it’s all a bit wrong,
somehow unbalanced.

My desktop is a proof of this:
neat, but.. would you say that circle
is right in the center of the screen?

And above all,
if all the work’s folders are in the circle,

what’s the (empty) center of this work?
Life issues with black background.

I leave you – it’s time to have dinner.

A plate in the middle, left and right fork and kinfe.



Dear friend,
usually I’d start with the inclusion of today’s date
and the location from which I’m writing,
but time has been tricky to follow,
and the place has remained the same for months.

I can hardly think of a single day during the past year

in which I have not looked through this one large window
that obscures all I see.

You know this feeling
when you look at something

so often that you stop seeing it?
I’m living it.

But it’s good now

— used to be worse, could be worse! 

sending you my warm
(socially-distant) hug



This is me, trying to re-arrange my (Windows 10) home
leaving on the left all the serious stuff (and a trash-bin always full)
while the videogaming world remains firmly on the right.

Consider also
a desperate attempt of sorting colors – with poor results,

two characters refusing order – regardless,
+99 messages to read
& photoshop constantly operating.

Everything orchestrated by a background

I could speak about for hours – but well,
you just need to look at it.

see you soon,


Hey @lb,
Schöne Grüße from macOS Catalina!

The weather has been quite cloudy here lately.
Even though Apple is trying to talk me
into updating to Big Sur, I am still refusing.

I am working a lot lately,
even the background image
is a reminder to finish a project.

I still need to put pillows on my bed,
finish a sticker pack, a website and read – of course.

Everything else is hidden away.
I feel like taking a nap.




Ciao from WindoxxxX

Everything looks brand new here,
even though we’re always in the same body.

It also looks incredibly ordered – like it was never before
– ’cause after the SSD transplant Max made,
all the old stuff is packed into my “old desktop” folder.

It is in some way like living a new space
furnished with my very essentials of the last days
– but actually, all the files and folders accumulated in time
are just hidden and unpacked.

Isn’t the dog in the picture perfectly describing
what’s going up with my life?




the idea of seeing someone else’s desktop,
the folders and folder names, the files and file names,
is in-between erotic and pornographic
(and definitely it is, yes, poetic).

there is no such thing as teasing and intimate
as taking a glance at someone else’s behind the scenes:
it is literally peeping at someone while they’re undressing
(and yes, there is more or less one person’s life within those folders)

even though the pandemic and the zoom-fatigue habits
have made us sharing our screens more than ever,
still that one single moment when it pops up on-screen
that you have an ambiguous folder
yes, you cringe a lil’ bit.

never been a mac-guy
(never had the opportunity
to have ALL my files
on one single computer).

my 2021 desktop is, obviously,
unapologetically representative
of where and how I am right now:
messy as I have always been, dispersive,
more functionalistic than ever, repetitive,
with no more “hobbies” beyond sleeping
(see time-stamp).




This Mac is new!

This is the only reason why it look so organized.

stay safe,



Bonjour Alberto

As my nickname is “isotopia”,
I cannot resist sending you my screenshot for your “desktopia” 🙂

What you will see is a “normal” work-in-progress desktop
from my fabulous Macbook Pro Catalina.

That’s something really intimate:
you can see that I prefer the text beside the folder
or discover that I love Chagall!

There is a lot of stuff,
but it is organized as follows:
recent calls for papers,
folders on which I’m working,
reminder screenshots.

And I love postcards, too!

All the best from France,



Hi everybody – this is Enoch’s desktop,
I am really happy to be here among you all.

Even if my tower is under construction,
I have plenty of windows waiting for you.

If you’ll ever wanna visit me,
I’ll do my best to get you a nice room
with the best possible view on the countryside.

I wish you a bright future
and sincerely hope to see you soon,



I hate the desktop and I don’t use it.

I don’t like to go through folders or files in 2D space.
I prefer either a folder tree like in Finder
or having all the files live in their own apps,
like using Notes for text and Photos for images.

I think the old way of computing
with desktops and folders
is dying
and the smartphone way
with apps and automatic backups to the cloud
is the future.

Since I always hated the desktop
I don’t have a picture.

It seems to me weird
to have to use this electric tool, the computer,
and to create an illusion of the real world there,
usually some dreamy or hyperreal photo
of a sunset or some beautiful place,
a bit like sitting in your grey cubicle
with a postcard of a sunset tacked to your wall.

I prefer if the digital tool does not mimic real life
but remains separate in its own peculiarity.

that’s it,
Nicolae Zamsa



It’s a blue mess.
I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are, too.

Sometime I imagine
seeing my desktop
from the other side,

after sinking into my screen.

Kind regards,



Hello from Ubuntu 20.04,
here in Madrid we’re already around 33 °C.

I inspect the horizon from my tower,
the sea should be there somewhere
– far away and wet, like a mirage.

I know the sea is not precisely there,
but I “feel” it – and I’m not alone in this.

I happen to think I’ve had enough
– of working, of this world,
of how things are going.

If only there was a way to reset everything,
a way to find myself
in one of those parallel realities
P. is constantly rambling about..

By the way, I’ve also had enough of P.
– always pretentious, who the hell he think he is?

Let’s open the laptop and erase everything:
work, memories, films, photo, music.

I start over.
Evertyhing anew.
From here.

Apparently empty / emptied,



My desktop’s entropy
will soon be scaled back
when it comes to its expansionist ambitions

(or at least I hope so),