M.I.T. khr0n1kles [ bonus track ]

If I had to summarize my whole overseas experience in one sentence,

I would say it has been a long and overstimulating heterogony of ends.



M.I.T. khr0n1kles [ side B ]

I left the US
already some months ago,
but this multipurpose complementary blogpost
required a little more time than expected to be assembled
(primarily because of its [intended] thick & cooperative content)



M.I.T. khr0n1kles [ side A ]

Back in early 2020,
following the best bad-timing-momentum of my life (so far),
I decided to apply for a pretty demanding
International Exchange Program:



desk-talk #5 / Derrick de Kerckhove

Brand new desk-talkZ episode.

The original interview was recorded in May 2021,
but it took me quite a long time to come out with this
polished (yet fizzy) result.



a blizzard of flakey hunches

It’s night,
at least outside.



Whenever a mobile device breaks by collision or crash (talking about accidental slips and drops here / not considering luddite i-conoclasty, sponsored resistance tests or bittersweet pranks), it usually feels like reality’s flow just hiccupped at your expense.



desk-talk #4 / Bojana Romic

New issue of the desk-talk series.

This is a precious one, since – as in a [ partially unexpected ] symmetrical counterpoint to the previous take (with all its related stylistic ruminations) – it’s mostly a warm off-desktop conversation.



life according to COMM•E

Last month I had the great – and transformative – pleasure to moderate part of the latest VideoVortex event (a colloquial / promenade edition scattered across different [on air]planes of eXistenZ) in the amazing guise of a remotely operated videoconferencing robot. … 


desk-talk #3 / Eleonora Roaro

Time for a third desk-talk.

in case you missed the previous clips, #1 and #2


(screenwriting) ²

in France they say “scénario”, but the accent mark gets easily unnoticed – and you’re already thinking ’bout the worst case version of it

in Italy we prefer “sceneggiatura”, but it always sounds like some slightly careless or even shoddy activity (something nearby “panatura” or “impostura”) – not to mention the usual confusion/overlapping with “scenografia” …