On “Fuck You Startup World” and Entreprecariat at Large

We're all Richard

We’re all Richard.

Today I stumbled on yet another viral rant about startups.

Celebration, sanctification, parody, scorn… Will the next phase be actual rejection? The good thing about startup culture at large is that it rapidly became a recognizable signifier of something bigger than itself: entrepreneurialism driven by precarious condition, i.e. entreprecariat.

SCRUM boards, mindfulness sessions, and other optimization techniques are took to the extreme in the startup world, but they are instances of a paradigm according to which we all live.

It’s time to recognize the startup component in our lives and find out to what extent it differs from the Silicon Valley golden standard. Maybe we will realize that our routines are no less a parody than the Silicon Valley series. And maybe we will come to the conclusion that it’s not that fun anymore.


Silvio Lorusso

Silvio Lorusso is a designer witouth qualities, an artst without a gallery and a writer without spell cheker. Get his first book, entitled Entreprecariat, here!


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