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Midjourney as a Starbucks Barista

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Notes on the WdKA’s Removal of a Pro-Palestine Resistance Students’ Banner

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Intervista di Alessandro De Vecchi: design come adolescenza, deprofessionalizzazione, artigianalità digitale

La regola di A G Fronzoni

The User Condition 03: User Proletarianization, a Table

Dispatches from the Quarantine

Intervista di Angelica Ceccato: Sapere ombra, lock-in e rivendicazione della gratuità

The User Condition 02: A Tentative Chronology of the Industrialization of Web Interfaces (work in progress)

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Artificial Intelligence or: How I Ended Up on the Adobe Blog

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WORK & PLAY & INSIST (Milano, 24/11)

Entreprecariat – Siamo tutti imprenditori. Nessuno è al sicuro.

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Time-space vs Space-time

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Fake it till you make it – Genesi del precariato imprenditoriale

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All Things Optimal by Michael Dieter

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Review of ‘It Is as if You Were Doing Work’ by Gui Machiavelli

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The Designer Without Qualities – Notes On Ornamental Politics, Ironic Attachment, Bureaucreativity and Emotional Counterculture

Work – and Everything Else You Do For a Living by Lucia Dossin

Steadily Precarious by Giacomo Boffo

The Funding Machine

The Futures of Work by Nefula

Quantified Precarity by Phoebe Moore

Frank by Alina Lupu

Tough Shift by Max Dovey

“Subjectivity in the ‘Gig Economy’: From the Entreprecariat to Base Union Militancy” by Jamie Woodcock

Some Thoughts on “The Medium is the Mirror” by Sebastian Koseda

That’s a Good Idea by Melissa Mesku

I Hate This Celebratory Genre of “Be on the Constant Verge of Death under Late Capitalism” by Priya Prabhakar

Linkedin Society on Modes of Criticism 3

Invention Matrix III. Grand Motor Roller Coaster by Olivier Fournout (translation by Ian Monk)

Programmers Wannabe by eeefff

Specious Books by Dicey Studios

#JOBS by Juliette Cezzar

A Tale of 3 Coffees by Phil N/A

EC Bulletin #4 by Evening Class

Resist Stress The Mother of All Emotions by Katriona Beales

How to Handle “What Do You Do (For a Living)?” by François Girard-Meunier

Dear Hive Mind, I’m not Your WikiHow – On Prosumerism, Accumulation of Prestige and Social Media Outsourcing

Survival Mode – Interview by Petra Milički for PlanD

Plan D – Technoptimism / Technopessimism, Zagreb, 27/09-1/10

Designer as Activist as Bullshitter as Barista

Notes on Mugtivism and Precarious Merchandising

Seizing the Means of Innovation – Notes from Oslo

The Aesthetics Of Productive Anxiety by Nicola Bozzi

Call for Contributions – Pervasive Labour Union zine #11 – Special Issue: Entreprecariat

Disrupting Precarization – Talk at Re:Publica 2017

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Not Usually a Design Guy but Geez

Diversifying My Business

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Overnight or Night is Over — F.lux and the Absolute Temporality of the Internet

What Design Can’t Do — Graphic Design between Automation, Relativism, Élite and Cognitariat

A Hauntology of Precarity

Programmed Leisure

Trentenne precario si suicida

Generatie B – A No-Bullshit Show about the Bullshit Job Generation

On ‘Pausing Precarity’

Squatting the Continuous Office

Knowing Nothing


Ironic Attachment – If Irony Feels Ironic

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Rediscovering Precarity Slogans, Memes, and Chants

24/7 Work Ethic and the Superpowers of Accidental Irony

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A Work Ethic Dystopia

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On “Fuck You Startup World” and Entreprecariat at Large

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