A romantic void avoider installs notfinal.pdf

The notfinal.pdf on spotlight consists of a few years old, therefore LONG, scroll, compiled of broken image squares – similar to those we encounter through the code when a file is missing. This pdf is attached to a romantic void avoider’s stomach whose figure is not new in our contemporary society, but whose position has, indeed, intensified over the last few years. 

Many hot societal issues could be responsible for the increased popularity of this figure. The majority of daily time spent on authenticating various accounts could be the hottest of them. However, ping ponging with codes is rather a consequence identifiable on the red carpet’s surface, which bleeds in abundance to hide a more serious matter at stake: 

DIGITAL BUrden shapes  INFORMAtional dependence shapes LIFE PerSPECTIVE MERELY DEPENDANT on the preferable quality of a preferable documentation device  

To put it simply, what is deeply engraved in the fabrication of this figure is his deep acceptance of the system’s default: behind all existing types of obstacles smiles a monetary solution. 

Lack of ability to unsee personal discomfort independently from a product that will kill it has accelerated the passing of this figure’s life. His perception of time is that it is rapid, which explains why a romantic void avoider avoids being alone at any cost, unless if materializing the cost of being alone. 

However, the story does not continue with the avoider’s avoidance of void as a chosen living concept, but the longing caused by the nature of persistent avoiding behavior. The core of this anecdote is to narrate a simple observation of his pdf activities, specifically the activity called filament of broken jpeg squares


How turbulent are the waters, dear pdf? 

– At this point of the void’s climax, very turbulent. Calmness will follow very soon!


We are tuning in and feeling the emptiness of the template’s current state: the void of the avoider himself. We are feeling his desires, excitements, fears. We are him. Right now, what’s greater than the desire to demand and identify with the new images, is the desire to feel the incoming pixels  f i l l i n g  in. The desire is so big that it provokes a feeling of restlessness. There’s an urgency he must respond to,,      He is getting out of his chesterfield chair, getting ready to act now or never.       He steps out of his door into the world so big, it almost hurts.       Now !mingling! (whatever that means).       Suddenly, he finds himself standing before exactly what he’s looking for: an amorous subject. Suddenly, a wink, a smile, a drink. 

While there’s a lot of things to not know, one thing in particular is quite interesting to not know: Is the found amorous subject experiencing the void of pixels too? or Been cleansing + beautifying the pdf’s template with several exports of final.pdf? Yes, even though our focus here is majorly thrown at a specific notfinal.pdf, the amorous subject indeed has one installed too. Always a matter to matter later. 

Continuation: we are entering an image formulation experience. When the first picture starts to appear, humble excitement coming from the audience is becoming measurable. As the pixels transform into a colored blur, more excitement. Shape of a clear picture: excitement very much. The picture is that of them naturally having the same waiting posture while in line to get cashed out by an atm. Both of their voids and fulfilments are well defined in this one. A good question is if this picture will later contribute to a 35mm family album, or a PJ Harvey song. The awe in the room is now accompanied by a collective chew of popcorn, as more images populate the pdf. And as if professionally moderated by a graphic designer, its template is growing in a pretty direction.

As their pdfs merge in a github style, multiple push + pull activities are helping them to accept or discard, but mainly accept, the incoming changes. IRL, what this means is that their attempts to understand each other + their clashing + agreeing to disagree + other similar practices of equality, keep the drive fuelled enough to reach the final destination: a mountain’s peak from which all new images can fit two looking eyes. 


All of a sudden,

‘A soft blue blast of sadness’;

A peak never reached. 


There’s panic in the room caused by not understanding why the pixels, so accustomed to the frames of their belonging, are starting to jump out of frames. They’re jumping at a pace so fast that the intensity of the stomach’s unease is quite imaginable at this point. 

The romantic void avoider, alarmed by the foreseen void, decides to intervene in the on-going creation of his own pdf and says: 

“We will fix this.”

As if it’s the only thing he is able to do about the overflow of the misfit pixels. Aware that his words towards the other are unproportionate to his actions, he looks at himself in the mirror and recognizes undeniable sadness in his eyes. Sadness looks like void too, he thinks to himself, then turns his gaze, predictably, towards the entertainment market. It’s time to follow my dreams, he thinks. 

This is where the merge history, and its future, ends. The pixels fade out magically; the mountain has moved out of the country; there’s no visible peak to remind of the loss. More verification codes enter his experience of time and he soon forgets about this particular climbing attempt. 

“Every picture is(?) a true picture, dot dot dot.”

What we can surely conclude here is that part of the problem is technical. notfinal.pdf is based on a default tradition of communication. It doesn’t allow full scroll up and down the pdf and is quite limited with customizing the poetic disengagement. Until an update happens, a romantic void avoider will continue having mornings full of stomach’s unease and legs amused by ambivalent restlessness. 

Next up: A [ ] installs notfinal.pdf


Maisa Imamovic