notfinal.pdf is a surgically attached pdf file that behaves like a big cloud, in order to collect the post-production material of an individual’s lived experience. 

The idea of notfinal.pdf originates from a lengthy conversation between its creators. The conversational exchange covered the topics such as the essence of life, with an aim to answer a simple question and that is: Why can’t humans do nothing while they’re bored of most of what they do? The question on a pedestal, indeed, comes from their mutual belief that boredom is a default state of being. Anyhow, the moment when the creators have had enough of it was the moment when the idea of notfinal.pdf became a plan in all of their agendas. 

*** it: a historical moment when no creator made a good point during an attempt to answer the question, as too many good lifestyle examples disproved of any point’s legitimacy ***

After it, the notfinal.pdf became an invisible product attached to an individual’s stomach and automatically synced to the brain. Not even the creators know how, but it’s synced and it works. The file archives copies of visual and textual material that an individual allows to enter their brain during their split existences(that of IRL + the virtual). The file’s default template is the same as any other pdf file’s template: an endless scrolling. In order to satisfy the individual’s aesthetic standards, CUSTOMIZATION, although limited, IS, of course, POSSIBLE. 

At the moment, notfinal.pdf is about to be tested big time in the world. For a better analysis in the future, it encourages individuals to generate more living content. 


Next up: [        ] installs notfinal.pdf


Maisa Imamovic