Bitcoin Explained (Daniel Forrester & Mark Solomon) – a review

‘Bitcoin Explained – Today’s Complete Guide to Tomorrow’s Currency’ is a quick and easy way to get started on some basic information about what Bitcoin is and how it works. The authors go through several crucial matters which are explained in a familiar way to people who have had some sort of experience with economy and trading, but even a complete novice would still gain a lot of knowledge from the book, due to the fact that regular life situations are presented as a context.


Even though the subject is quite complex, the authors manage to explain in a straightforward, concise, and often enthusiastic manner about the revolutionary currency. This is a quick read which will only take about a couple of hours, but which at the same time contains essential information. The authors touch up on the subjects of digital currencies history, advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin, its volatility, steps to getting your first bitcoin, spending, saving and investing in them, but also mention the crash in April 2013. It leaves no stone unturned and it thoroughly explains the terminology and future prospects of Bitcoin.

To people already familiar with Bitcoin, this book might seem a bit outdated at times, as it was published in May 2013, therefore some information is not valid anymore. Another downsize is the poor quality of the images throughout the book and the sloppy editing and printing process, which makes the book’s quality feel poor. It would also be good to keep in mind that the views expressed in the book are often quite subjective concerning crypto-currencies and their relation to governments.

All in all, for those who are interested in Bitcoin, along with the promise of financial freedom and security, this could be a good read to get deeper into the subject and understand its potential.