MoneyLab#3 Report and Videos

This is an archive of all the blog posts and videos of MoneyLab #3 Failing Better, December 2016. All photos from MoneyLab#3: Failing Better can be found here, all videos are grouped here.

A pdf of the conference report is available here.

Below you can find panel-specific videos and blog posts:

Day 1 – Thursday 1st December

Introduction by Geert Lovink (video).

Session 1. Global Finance: Failing Better? (blog)

  • Geert Lovink: Moderator (Q&A video)
  • Alex Foti: After We’ve Seized the Eurotower: What to Do with All the Money? (video)
  • Menno Grootveld: DiEM25 (video)
  • Renzo Martens: Can Artistic Engagement With Global Inequality Bring Sustainable Economic Growth to One of the Most Disenfranchised Places in the World? (video)
  • Cassie Thorton: Mystery Hands: A Project for Children to Interact with Finance and Understand Debt (video)

Session 2. When Art Mirrors Marx (blog)

  • Stephanie Rothenberg: Moderator (video) (Q&A video)
  • Steyn Bergs: Imagination and Intervention: The Double Legacy of Marx in Art (video)
  • Dan Mihaltianu: Das Kapital – Distillation (video)
  • Tori Abernathy: Transition to a Perpetual Parade (video)
  • Jeroen van Loon: DNA Sequence for Sale! (video)
  • Anne Breure: Ethics in Aesthetics: Towards a Fair Practice in the Arts Sector (video)

Workshop 1. How Can Accountants Save the World? (blog)

  • Frank Jan de Graaf
  • Nick McGuigan
  • Thomas Kern
  • Herman Gels

Workshop 2. Politics of the Cyphersphere: After the Blockchain Revolution (blog)

  • RIAT
  • Fiber
  • Brett Scott
  • Martijn van Boven
  • Richard Kohl

Workshop 3. Prevailing Over Money (blog)

  • Dmytri Kleiner
  • Baruch Gottlieb

Session 3. Save the Last Dance? (blog)

  • Max Dovey: Moderator (Q&A video)
  • Henry Warwick: The Uncanny Valley of Music and Economic Debris (video)
  • Koos Zwaan: Making Music and Money Online (video)
  • Bindu De Knock: Can Blockchain Save the Music Industry? (video)

Fiscal Drag Live (blog)

  • Max Haiven & Cassie Thornton: The University of the Phoenix Eulogy for Excellence Dinner
  • Fine Art Financ€ Lab: Funancial Exercises
  • Tori Abernathy: The Demi


Day 2 – Friday 2nd December

Session 4. Cooperatives and the Commons (blog)

  • Sabine Niederer: Moderator (video) (Q&A video)
  • Trebor Scholz: Platform Cooperativism: a Realistic, Near-Future Alternative to Extractive Platform Capitalism (video)
  • Arthur Röing Baer: Commune (video)
  • Michel Vogler: Gebiedonline and Hallo IJburg (video)

Session 5. Big Pocket is Watching You! (blog)

  • Nathaniel Tkacz: Moderator (video) (Q&A video)
  • Brett Scott: The War on Cash (video)
  • Nathalie Maréchal: First They Came for the Poor: Surveillance of Welfare Recipients as an Uncontested Practice (video)
  • Geert Lovink and Brett Scott in conversation with Surajit Mazumdar (video).
  • Emily Rosamond: Financial Witness: Investing in Rehabilitation in an Actuarial Age (video)
  • Austin Houldsworth: Incongruous Monetary Matters (video)

Workshop 4. Governance in the Age of Blockchains and Digital Currencies (blog)

  • Richard Kohl
  • Justin Bons
  • Emanuele Braga
  • Roberto Valenti
  • Susanne Tarkowski-Tempelhof
  • Dr. Balázs Bodó

Workshop 5. Flexonomic District Currency Game (blog)

  • Jens Martignoni
  • Panayotis Antoniadis
  • Ileana Apostol

Workshop 6. Role Play Your Way to Budgetary Blockchain Bliss (blog)

  • Ruth Catlow
  • Ben Vickers

Session 6. Universal Basic Income: For One and for All (blog)

  • Tori Abernathy: Moderator (video) (Q&A video)
  • Johannes Ponader: Prototyping Unconditional Basic Income: Ideas and Experiments (video)
  • Baruch Gottlieb: Universal Basic Income is a Neoliberal Plot to Make You Poorer (video)
  • Patrice Riemens: Unconditional Maximum Income for the 99% (video)