MoneyLab #X – Economythologies                                           

“Myth is very precisely the incantation that gives rise to a world…” – Jean-Luc Nancy, The Inoperative Community (1986)

We are thrilled invite you to join us for Moneyab #X Economythologies as we navigate the iridescence of money — its symbols, systems, artefacts and technologies — that give rise to worlds in transition. Responding to the constraints of COVID-19, conveners Denise Thwaites and Nancy Mauro-Flude have designed a multidisciplinary project featuring, presentations, talks, conversations and artworks distributed across Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centres (Canberra), Bett Gallery (Hobart), and the aether.

Image detail: Kate Geck, screenshot from Pleated Parallax series (2020)

*Free event* Please note registration is required for in-person attendance (in accordance with COVID-19 safety measures), and to subscribe to our remote artistic programme updates through 2021.

Launching our 2-day event, MoneyLab #X [ML#X] is the first in series to be hosted and broadcast from the Southern Hemisphere.

Hooray /0/ \0/ \0\ for the IndoPacific [re]turn.

Our aim for ML#X is to establish a case study to develop a patchwork of ideas, images and references that explore the complexities of our contemporary economic imaginary. As the scrapbook archive accumulates, Shahee Ilyas (multidisciplinary designer + data analyst) will progress a creative networked media response to this community resource. Through this multisite event as launch, an artistic program Economythologies (EMLX) will continue through 2021and beyond, as we seek to build a transdisciplinary research network on alternative economies that stretches across our planetary archipelago.

In the south after 30 years – we’re still asking – in the words of our mentors VNS Matrix (1991 How and in What processes might we conjure up to reimagine ”the virus of the new world disorder/rupturing the symbolic from within”, as “saboteurs of big daddy mainframe”?

All sessions during our 2-day event on 5-6 November will be livestreamedHere you can find out about contributors , topics, our event program, the exhibition showcase, including a comprehensive event booklet, other assets, and scrapbook developments.

Love from the DankCyberSwamp (Australia).

Canberra 35.2809° S, 149.1300° E /  Hobart 42.8821° S, 147.3272° E

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