MoneyLab #X Australia – Economythologies

5 – 6 November, 2020

A creative and critical project featuring presentations, talks, conversations and artworks distributed across Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centres (Canberra), Bett Gallery (Hobart), and the aether.

Two-day event, programme sessions livestreamed at

Co-conveners: Denise Thwaites and Nancy Mauro-Flude

Designer: Shahee Illyas

Publications Coordinator: Alexandra Mossop

Organising Committee: Denise Thwaites, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Shahee Ilyas, Baden Pailthorpe, Katrina Sluis, Nick Smithies, Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter.

Co-presented by Centre for Creative and Cultural Research (University of Canberra), Institute for Culture and Society (Western Sydney University), School of Art and Design (Australian National University), Holistic Computing Aesthetics Network and Cultural Value Impact Network (RMIT University), Ainslie+Gorman Art Centre and Bett Gallery with the support of Despoinas Media Coven and the Institute of Network Cultures.

In a time of eco-crises, techno-uto/dystopias, disaster capitalism and necro-politics, communities the world over are compelled to examine the economic systems and narratives that have driven them towards cataclysm. As Janus-faced digital economies, venture capitalists, fintech merchants and enterprise software barons increasingly mediate labour relations in a peri-pandemic world, a vortex of imperialism invents new ways to extract value from the ever-expanding precariat. In this context, we hurtle into futures formed by technologies that engender their own community mythos.

In The Inoperative Community (1986), Nancy describes myth as a recitation through which community is conjured; its origins narrated, its destinies explained. Today myths are propagated, busted, contorted and exported through a myriad of file formats, fiscal loopholes and economic fora. Launching with this 2-day event, MoneyLab #X engages artists, researchers, curators, collectors, activists, and geeks in the radical interrogation and re-imagination of financial systems, technologies and discourses. Through this multisite event and an online artistic program continuing through 2021, MoneyLab #X – Economythologies seeks to build a transdisciplinary research network on alternative economies that stretches across our planetary archipelago; Australia, Asia, the Pacific and beyond.

Free. Please note registration is required for in-person attendance (in accordance with COVID-19 safety measures), and for remote audience program updates.

Check out the full program here