Thursday 14-11

Session 1

New Horizons & Counter Narratives

During this panel, Micky Lee offers a feminist political economic and postcolonial critique of the Tulipomania discourse. Brett Scott discusses the politics and many faces of digital cash. Ana Teixeira Pinto delves into the xenofobia and anti-Semitism of Bitcoin ideologues. Reijer Pieter Hendrikse explains the relation between offshore finance and the breakup of social contracts underlying welfare states, ecological disaster, financial crises and rising authoritarianism. 

Speakers: Micky Lee, Brett Scott, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Reijer Pieter Hendrikse

Moderator: Geert Lovink

Presentations and bios here.

Session 2

Financial Hacking: From Dark Web Smokescreens to White-Collar Crime

Josephine Wolff provides an account of the larger history and development of cybercrime business models, from the theft of payment card data to identity fraud and ransomware.

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn discusses the perils and possibilities of bringing cryptocurrencies into official regulatory remit. Thomas Bollen will zoom in on Tether, a stable coin that might just be the biggest fraud in the cryptomarket.

Speakers: Malcolm Campbell Verduyn, Josephine Wolff, Thomas Bollen

Moderator: Balazs Bodo

Presentations and bios here.

Session 3

Payments and the Platforms: Monetization of the Social

Lana Swarts argues that if national currency represents liberal democracy, and Bitcoin represents some combination of techno-libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism, then Libra represents Silicon Valley feudalism. Andrea Fumagalli historicizes the liberalization of the issuance of money all the way up to today’s attempts to financialize sentiments, and Valeria Ferrari discusses what remains of the dream of peer-to-peer, decentralized platforms in light of Libra. Rachel O’Dwyer talks about a little discussed line from Libra’s white paper in which Facebook states its interest in developing an open identity standard.

Speakers: Lana Swartz, Andrea Fumagalli, Valeria Ferrari, Rachel O’Dwyer

Moderator: Nathaniel Tkacz

Presentations and bios here.

Friday 15-11

Session 4

Beyond the “Blokechain”: the Cryptofeminist Agenda

This session aims to open your mind. Andy Morales Coto tickles your imaginative bones by offering visual prompts to help us redesign the world’s economic future. Ruth Catlow explores the spaces of convergence between the Commons and P2P movements along with the world of cooperatives and the Social and Solidarity Economy. Denise Thwaites offers a feminist analysis of DAO cultures and the emergent affective economies they instate. And Ailie Rutherford shows how feminist economics can be put into practice on a daily basis by presenting her real and existing The People’s Bank of Govanhill.

Speakers: Andy Morales Coto, Ruth Catlow, Denise Thwaites, Ailie Rutherford.

Moderator: Rachel Falconer

Presentations and bios here.

Session 5

The Artennae of Finance: What’s on the Radar?

Under the sand beds of the Channel, its waters risked by migrants in an attempt to enter the UK, lies the fastest microwave submarine cable-network that connects the exchange markets of Frankfurt and London. Alexandre Laumonier details the use of the same geographical and infrastructural space by financial traders and migrants. Stephanie Rothenberg maps the explicit links between the environmental crisis, big money, and alternative forms of digital economies. Eric Barry Drasin introduces the distributed art object, a technological and legal stack that gives rise to an emergent concept of digital art forms of ephemeral property. Antonia Hernández dicusses the power politics of tokens on sexcam platforms and money-activated teledildonics. And Aude Launay talks about the various ways in which the distribution of decision-making is imagined by artists.

Speakers: Antonia Hernández, Alexandre Laumonier, Eric Barry Drasin, Aude Launay, Stephanie Rothenberg

Moderator: Patricia de Vries

Presentations and bios here.

AltFin: Experiments from Prototype to Pilot

This session is a wild mix of workshops, local reports, screenings, pitches, and hacks that show ways into a future for alt-finance.

Project Pitches

With: Gregory Tsardanidis, Silvia Díaz Molina, Anna Kervers

Moderator: Miriam Rasch


With: The Great Offshore: VFA, RYBN.ORG, Blockchain and Society Policy Research Lab, Ruth Catlow, Martin Zeilinger


By: Emily Martinez & Liat Berdugo, Misho Antadze

Presentations and bios here.

MoneyLab General Assembly

With a globally precarious creative sector, the prospects of another round of economic recession in Europe, and Tech Giants that want to grab hold of the little money on your bank account, MoneyLab topics have come to the attention of mainstream news outlets.

The aim of this first General Assembly of the MoneyLab network will be to strategize our future alternatives, to hack funding schemes, and to self-organize outside of archaic research structures. How can Moneylab further develop as a sovereign community? Whether you are new to MoneyLab or have contributed from the start, we invite you to join the GA. Together we discuss how the network exchanges ideas, pops up in different places in the world, and emboldens itself to take part in fundamental societal discussions.

During the GA we aim to identify the most urgent themes, central criticisms and promising alternative mindsets in order to co-produce a research agenda. This research agenda could work as a map to pin common concerns and interests and possible collaborations to take this further. More specifically we would like to identify important developments, tactics, tools, contributions and lessons learned in our shared aim to redistribute wealth and set up peer-to-peer exchanges for fair and sustainable economies.

Future MoneyLab events are scheduled in Ljubljana (March 24-25), Helsinki (September) and Canberra (November).

Pumpin’ and Dumpin’

November 15, 8pm-1am

Mike’s Badhuistheater
Boerhaaveplein 28, Amsterdam

Free admission.

Curated by Maisa Imamović.

Welcome to the closing night of MoneyLab #7. Come and enjoy this chain of atmospheric live acts. Things are happening around you, but you are not obliged to participate. Artists are invited to respond to the Outside of Finance topic–with no strings attached. We warmly invite you all to chill and be present in this space of collaborative reflection.

Here’s our line-up: a romantic podcast situation on tech and wellbeing; a fake academic speed metal power-point band balancing between dark enlightenment and decentralized technologies; a performative beginning of a DJ set- narrating ambient and hardcore tones; evolution of blockchain Plexiglas installation; a poetic enhancement of female bodies in times of cryptocurrency, followed by the sound of the analog synthesizer; an awkward exchange booth; a closing vibe with a parallel VJ set.

Participating artists: Digidopamine, Dungeon Master, DJ Let Go + Miranda Suárez, Lisa Gliedurpuppe + Jarra, Karina Palosi (BrowserBased), and Guillaume Roux.

More info here.