Crowdfest report

17862-625-324 Crowdfest took place in Johan Huizingalaan in West Amsterdam on Saturday 26 September showcasing over 50 different crowdfunding campaigns. The festival was an opportunity for people to pitch their project to a mass audience and gain more financial investors. The broad range of projects consequently made the event similar to a variety show of crowdfunding campaigns. From funding documentaries on child soldiers in Africa to helping set up a new vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, campaigns from all categories were programmed back to back in the Crowdfest showcase. This one size fits all approach did not reward all of the campaigners who would of benefited from a more specialist or smaller audience.

The event was coordinated by Douw & Koren, a crowdfunding consultancy firm that assist people with making their financial targets. Many crowdfunding projects struggle to repeat or continue funding for a project so a lot of emphasis is put on getting it right first time. Events like Crowdfest proliferate the ‘elevator pitch’ aspect for crowdfunding campaigns and provide an opportunity to meet other campaigners who are embarking on the same process. As the industry of crowdfunding grows there will undoubtedly be more events like this, it is necessary to ask how these meet-ups can benefit campaigners in more than ways that are solely financial.

notes from Robert Van Boeschoten , write up by Max Dovey

Featured image from Plastic Madonna project