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Open Source the Economy OS! Blockchain, Co-Creation, Abundance & Beyond

Creating the first economic space

In 2012, a collective of radical economists, activists, geeks, artists, and beyond gathereid in Finland to create a new economic space — the world’s first activist hedge fund, Robin Hood Coop “minor assets management”. The cooperatively-run fund united the “minor assets” of over 900 members from 50 countries. In its first year, the half-a-million dollars fund with its financial trading algorithm “parasite” became the world’s third best performing fund in the US stock market.

London 2015 Open Office: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=BoogfEdALes 

Creating more economic spaces on decentralized technology

https://medium.com/economic- spacing/from-robin-hood-to- economic-space-agency- 4516e8c01024#.sdnc8g90r

Bitcoin reengineered finance by breaking the monopoly of centralized finance. Through new distributed network technologies, we are now capable of engineering even more interesting, adaptive, multidimensional financial and economic instruments and social relations. 

This is a radical moment: We are moving from the Euclidean economic space – a given, flat, rigid, non-changeable, zero-curvatured, linear economic space of equilibriums, scarce resources, neoclassical economics and game theoretical utility maximizing – into a Non-Euclidean economic space which is n-dimensional, topological, non-linear, synthetic, curving and moldable. It is a space [emphasis added] where the laws of the old economy don’t hold and where you can start to do new things.

Think about it for a moment. We are about to start producing economic space itself. We are about to transform and terraform social, economic and financial structures of previous centuries.

We are calling for all aspiring and imaginative next-generation econauts (economic astronaut) and ecotects (economic architect) to join us in our exploration to create an economy of abundance for the commons, and prosperity for all!

To kickstart things forward we have invited some good friends to work over a long weekend. Imagine some of the best software architects developing distributed computing and smart contract platforms, thinkers of finance who can work its ideological and organizational potentiality, legal hackers, political activists and social experimenters capable to engage in such design, artists who are imagining new economic worlds — all working together on concrete designs and architectures of new economic and social forms. 

Decentralized Applications. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Smart Contracts. Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Design your own.

Agenda (Tentative)

FRIDAY, November 11th

DAO Create-a-thon Gameshop Day 0

ECSA Headquarters

12-4pm Introduction to hackathon projects

  • HoodNote (do it yourself hedge fund)
  • HouseHold Union (collectivized and politized bill payment)
  • Adventure Capital

Xrysalis: “Beyond Blockchain” Open-Source, Distributed Technology

Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland (https://omnicommons.org)

6pm-9pm Xrysalis Whitepaper Draft release (technical)

Intro to ICO plans

SATURDAY, November 12th


ECSA Headquarters

1pm – 5pm Public Forum: Hack the Economy!

Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland (https://omnicommons.org)


An introduction by Akseli Virtanen & Brett Scott


A chat with Dick Bryan and Robert Woznitzer

2:30-3:00pm HACKER ETHIC

A chat with Marina Gorbis, Rafe Furst and Brett Scott…


A chat with Mark S. Miller and Jorge Lopez


A chat with Brian Massumi & Erin Manning, and Simon Goldin & Jakob Senneby

4:00 – 4:30pm Xrysalis: BEYOND BLOCKCHAINS

A chat with Jorge Lopez and Pekko Koskinen

4:30 – 5:00pm ECSA ICO plan

A chat with Akseli Virtanen, Jorge Lopez and Alpen Sheth

6:00pm til late: Dinner, Networking, Conversations

SUNDAY, November 13th

Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland (https://omnicommons.org)

Create-a-thon Gameshop Part 1: Terraforming Economic Spaces of Abundance

MONDAY, November 14th

Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland (https://omnicommons.org)

Create-a-thon Gameshop Part 2: Terraforming Economic Spaces of Abundance

Our Intentions

1. Work on some of the most interesting economic spaces in development together: Household Union, Adventure Capital, Robin Hood Hedge Fund, Debt Collective, and the best DAO idea submission from the crowd. Hackathon/Gameshop takes place Sunday and Monday.

2. Introduce Xrysalis, the next-generation “beyond blockchain” distributed technology platform we are developing. Whitepaper release is on Friday.

3. Introduce our Initial Coin Offering plans: the architecture of the ICO, the timetable, the token appreciation logic, the legal architecture. Public event around it is on Saturday. 

More on economic spaces: In the heart of economic spaces are the immaterial and material systems of attractors that give shape to how people create and interact together. These vibratory organizations are the next generation P2P financial tools which we are now designing and building. They enable us to: 

  • easily create, launch and capture value on the economic spaces we create;
  • to make liquid, both socially and financially, what we want to do
  • to risk and speculate together, to open joint opportunities, to share stakes and ownerships, to bootstrap things into existence out of nothing. 

Together. Without middlemen.

More Video Links:

https://vimeo.com/1010273/ 149975335 

https://youtu.be/OyDpTmCKKPc? t=11m40s

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We hope you can make it!

Economic Space Agency (ECSA)