INC partners with Analogy: Platform-Minded Publishing

While Amazon has been claiming that the book is not dead, one would have some doubts saying the same about the publishing industry.

A paradigm shift is taking place and many, if not most publishers are struggling with the harsh reality of losing sovereignty. Is it still possible to run a sustainable business as an old school publisher? If so, for how long? Generally, publishers point fingers at the current winners in the information business: Google, Facebook, Spotify & co.

Although their complaints might be justified, we at Analogy believe that the problem also lies in the fact that most publishing enterprises stick to the old way of doing business. Writer’s write books, an editorial team does the editorial work, and an incredibly complex distribution chain sucks most of the revenue out of the final product.

When we created Analogy within the PublishingLab incubator, we decided to look past this old regime of doing business and aim our energy at creating a more efficient and sustainable production model. We analyzed the strategies of the winners and extracted business concepts from their money making systems.

We are proud to demonstrate the advantages of our business model in the upcoming Moneylab #3 event.










To spark some interest, we want to give a sneak peek of what is under the hood. We’ve been working with all the information published by the INC in order to generate new content. We have run some recent blogposts from the Moneylab through our system and made it dream up some new, raw, and innovative content that will be used during the event to create publications:

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We hope to see you at Moneylab #3.


Platform-minded publishing.