Save the Date: Flying Money conference (22-23 May)

On 22 and 23 May 2018, the City of Amsterdam and the Institute of Network Cultures from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are organizing the conference Flying Money: investigating illicit financial flows in the city. Unique in the Netherlands in terms of its nature and size, this European conference will focus on issues concerning the future of digital money and illicit financial flows in particular.


Global developments in digital currencies and monetary flows are taking place at breakneck speed. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the emergence of parallel banking systems and the decentralization of monetary transactions impact ideas about the future of money and the banking system, but they also expand the playing field for criminals.

Many cities are increasingly confronted with suspicious investments in real estate, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other businesses. This phenomenon is particularly urgent in global cities like Amsterdam, where many different monetary flows converge.

The thread connecting the various themes of the conference is the question ‘where do criminals slip through the net?’

  • Where do different monetary systems interface, and how do parallel money cultures coexist?
  • What is the role of cash money in this changing world? And what to think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in these developments?
  • How far can the disruption of traditional banks go, and what kind of new intermediaries will fintech create?
  • How can we quickly identify the opportunities for crime to take shape in this changing landscape?
  • How do these illicit financial flows manifest in the city?
  • How do investigative journalists gather their information and what can governments learn from their methods?
  • How can rapid information sharing be facilitated between European cities?
  • And, how can we transform all this knowledge into concrete practices for local governments?

The purpose of this conference is to provide answers and gain deeper insights to take the next step forward in tackling illicit financial flows in cities. Researchers, developers, journalists, civil servants, artists, NGO’s, and business people will debate with each other on stage.