Link list on bitcoin & blockchain, demonitization and other MoneyLab issues (part 5)

Phi: a platform that connects people in remote off-grid communities to clean, low-cost energy

Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

Pump-and-Dump Groups Become ‘Widespread’ as Market Remains Largely Unregulated

Fraud with ‘blockchain journalism’

Cryptocurrencies are like lottery tickets that might pay off in future by Kenneth Rogoff

Ken Rogoff: Betting on Dystopia

International fiscal disobedience consultancy against the Troika (via Patricia): “The artist in collaboration with Catalan activist Enric Duran has created an agency that will consult on the complexities of tax avoidance, playing within the rules of the European Union’s single market. The consultancy advises on strategies borrowed from tax havens, tax assessors that reduce the tax liability of multinational companies.”

What is the sound of recession? (via Patricia)

A Reddit quote: “Meanwhile BTC hashrate is tanking, utility nonexistent and people are realising that the store of value narrative was an absolute bullshit and that BTC is a ponzi scheme. It costs 200k to 51% to attack BTC now, this figure will just keep going down and down as users abandon BTC shitcoin and miners finish milking it. So not only BTC is useless and is sold on lies but it’s security is at risk big time.”

Exchanges always make money, also when ‘value’ of crypto goes down

Patreon, alt.right and the war on platforms

Open Music (via Inte)

Rachel O’Dwyer on CryptoKitties

A certain mister Townsend (podcast)

About Ravencoin

Prof. Steve Keen on Patreon

“We’re closing. The hard truth behind crypto.”

Simon Denny’s Proof of Work CryptoArt Exhibit in Berlin

NYT: 5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Prices Are Plunging Again

Hodlers Have a ‘Problematic Mindset’

DOJ Probes Possible Crypto Market Manipulation

Cryptogeddon Statsporn

Snowden on Bitcoin and Future of Cryptocurrencies

Experte zum Thema Blockchain beim Ausschuss Digitale Agenda des Bundestages

Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate

Crypto Fantasies Event in Rotterdam

Bitcoin and Beyond (Open Access)

The Crypto Anarchy Institute in Prague

Blockchain’s Hype is Dying

ICOs: It Will Only Get Worse

Human’s impossibility to deal with arbitrary pricing

3 Reasons for the Crypto Collapse

Brett Scott: Five Monetary Rebellions

Is Initiative Q the new Bitcoin?

Academics Analyze Crypto Pump and Dump Schemes

Martin Zeilinger on KodakCoin

What is it like to be a Bitcoin?

Fraud via Bitcoin

A recent Emin Gu Sirer lecture

Bitcoin on the Brink of Implosion

The Story of Stone Money

On the Prediction Market called Augur

The Dogecoin Story

EU Price Competion: Blockchains for the Good

Blockchain Solution for Fake News: Make Media Great Again

Bitcoin Art Revolution Exhibition in Paris

Cash shows resilience:

Same old hype, told by Brian Armstrong: “A Billion People Will Be Using Cryptocurrency in 5 Years”

Monetary Rebellions (via Inte)

What happens to privacy when we decentralize digital identity?

Bankspeak (via Mieke Gerritzen)

Nouriel Roubini: Crypto is the Mother of All Scams

Professor sifts data for signs of rigged markets