MoneyLab #X Australia – Program Update

MoneyLab #X Launch November 5th-6th 2020

Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centre, ACT & Bett Gallery, TAS

Livestreaming through the aether at

The full two-day event programme for MoneyLab #X – Economythologies is now live at There you will find information about contributors, topics and our event program. You can also find information about our on-going Economythologies exhibition and scrapbook projects.

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“Myth is very precisely the incantation that gives rise to a world…” – Jean-Luc Nancy, The Inoperative Community (1986)

In a time of eco-crises, techno-uto/dystopias, disaster capitalism and necropolitics, communities the world over are compelled to examine the economic systems and narratives that have driven them towards cataclysm. As Janus-faced digital economies, venture capitalists, fintech merchants and enterprise software barons increasingly mediate labour relations in a peri-pandemic world, a vortex of imperialism invents new ways to extract value from the ever-expanding precariat. In this context, we hurtle into futures formed by technologies that engender their own community mythos.

In The Inoperative Community, Nancy describes myth as a recitation through which community is conjured; its origins narrated, its destinies explained. Today myths are propagated, busted, contorted and exported through myriad of file formats, fiscal loopholes and economic fora. While the pataphysical geographies of finance create offshore tax-havens for the oligarchy, the glamour of this expedient economic rhetoric is forever undermined by the stench of its desolation.

MoneyLab #X Economythologies critically explores the working and un-working of myths that have/do/will shape our economic realities. Embracing the non-linearity of time and the multiplicity of actants that construct our economythologies, the program seeks to widen the aperture of our future.  How might we conjure, in the words of VNS Matrix (1991) “the virus of the new world disorder/rupturing the symbolic from within” as “saboteurs of big daddy mainframe”?

Join us as we explore these topics through our event and exhibition programs, alongside our community scrapbooking project.

Image: Kate Geck, screenshot from Pleated Parallax series (2020)