Call for ML to organize fin. support for migrants on Samos

(this is the text presented at the Friday night open session of MoneyLab #11 by

Hi, I am extremely happy to join Money Lab for the first time! My name is Jo van der Spek, coordinator of the Migrant 2 Migrant Foundation, sponsor of free communication *by* migrants.

I would like to introduce a new initiative of M2M (Migrant 2 Migrant) in collaboration with Radio Patapoe, both based in Amsterdam, Europe. Watch out, It is a tactical media campaign

Triggered by our Greek correspondent, the professional journalist Ingeborg Beugel, we looked for a collaborative way to support refugees in Greek horror camps and give them an outlet to the world. What if we send them some phone credit and get them to meet us on the radio. That would make our radio program better as well!

First, we collected a few bucks in donations. Them we tried to send phone credit directly to a refugee in camp Vathy on Samos, Eze Kay from Sierra Leone, a friend of Ingeborg. This did not work for 2 reasons. Western Union is the only transfer company on Samos and their security policy prevents this kind of transfers. Besides most refugees do not have a valid ID.

Our aim is to support the communication capacity of refugees without intervening banks, institutions or even NGO’s. This may create a space for independent self-organization and connections between donors and receivers that are more equal. And make our radio program better as well!

Eze Kay (see pics below), our first agent in the camp, turns out to be a fantastic rapper, as you can hear in this a cappella rap about life in this horror camp and his own situation.

Listen to his audio track of 58 seconds here.

What if we could help Eze Kay, and other artists, to sell their work as crypto art? Eze has an Android phone, not an iPhone, but let’s see what’s possible in regards to a possible participation of Eze in Clubhouse.

My dream now is to open an avenue for self-smuggling artists on the run, using the benefits of crypto art to find their way to life, fame and happiness for all!

If you can help us you are welcome to contact us at

For donations, check the website of M2M: