Link list on NFTs, crypto art, blockchain and other MoneyLab issues (part 11)

Jonathan Zittrain & Will Marks: Enjoy Complexity-What Critics Don’t Understand About NFTs
Dror Polen: NFTs and the Future of Work
“Thousands of store owners who had taken out loans and invested hopes and money in the industry’s future lost their shirts, drowning in unsold inventory; nine out of ten comics stores collapsed by ’96. Marvel Comics, the biggest, most popular player, ended up filing for bankruptcy amid the fallout.” (fwd. by Josehhine Bosma)
Kat Zavada speaks from Edinburgh with artists and critics about the NTF hype
Hackers move $760 million from the 2016 Bitfinex
Most artists are not making money off NFTs and here are some graphs to prove it
Claudia Hart: Why We Need a Feminist Manifesta of the Blockchain
Rick Prelinger: NFTs and AI Are Unsettling the Very Concept of History
Are digital artists waiting for the NFT bubble to burst?

How to sell apps on Linux?

MicroDonor project of Waag (Amsterdam), a micro donation pilot: (project description in Dutch) (open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers) ($100M fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization)
On Ben Grosser’s NFT Work
Mustafa Heddaya: Non-Fungible Future-The revolt of the elites against art seemed already complete.
Paris Hilton: I’m Excited About NFTs—You Should Be Too
Pet rocks on the blockchain. Started in 2017 and during the NFT craze traded tens of thousands of dollars worth of pictures of rocks :/ (via Katie Holmes)
Vicky Osterweil: Money for Nothing- more complex crypto seems, the higher the pyramid schemes can go
English translation of Achim Szepanski’s Jonathan Beller and Joseph Vogl review
Revolt against the proposed Signal payment/token system
Section 230 isn’t the problem, Payment Networks are
Dave Winer on writers, Substack and their inability to end their tech industry dependency

Anil Dash: NFTs Are an Art Project Gone Awry

For German readers: Achim Szepanski on Vogl’s Capital and Resentment and Beller’s World Computer

Kimberly Parker: Fees for the Top 5 CryptoArt Sites (via Josephine Bosma)

Mainstream art world look at the NFT incident

Jack Rusher: What Does it Mean to Buy a GIF?
Ben Davis: I Looked Through All 5,000 Images of Beeple
Jonathan Beller: NFT Does Not Stand for Non-Fascist Token
Terms and Condition of an NFT Platform
Mars house is a fraud, says 3D visualiser of world’s first NFT house
About Unique.One crypto art platform
The End of Art (Once again, after NFTs)

Metakovan, the mystery Beetle art buyer and his NFT/DeFi scheme

About Guilt Coin (part of the Cybernetics of the Poor exhibition, via Josephine Bosma)

How Mastercard invented the health hazard of cash (via Brett Scott)

What is it and can you eat it? 

Reports of Stolen Art on NFT Marketplace Raise Issues for Crypto Collectors

Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee indicted for cryptocurrency fraud

NFTs, Explained by Digital Artist Addie Wagenknecht
Artists on collectings NFTs
Seth Godin: NFTs are a Dangerous Trap
Erik Trautman crypto art: hype or long-term development Twitter thread
‘Ecological nightmare’ backlash forces ArtStation to drop NFT plans

The Downward Spiral: Popular Things by Dean Kissick (via Josephine Bosma)

Ben Grosser on his latest crypto art piece Tokenize This
Michael Connor on selling digital art before the boom
Crypto Whale in Singapore Is Buyer of $69 Million Beeple NFT James Tarmy
New Models podcast with Lil Internet on NFTs

Future of the Art Market (via Ruth)

Reinventing the Artworld with Blockchain (via Ruth)

Bitcoin is Time

Where’s the Trust in the $150 Million NFT Art Market?

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are a disaster for so many more reasons than the ecological

Scott Belsky: CryptoArt, & The New Economy Of Digital Creativity

Michael Conner: NFTs aren’t just for cats anymore. What do they mean for digital art?

Financial Traders Torched a Banksy on Camera to Transform It Into a NFT Artwork

Crypto Pepes: What does the frog meme?

Lana Schwartz: Bitcoin As A Meme And A Future

Joker’s Stash closed their dark market site at the right moment

Motivational Bitcoin Video: “Buy bitcoin now for great justice!”

Solidarity and Cryptocurrency:  Notes on NFTs by Matt Colquhoun

Joanie Lemercier: The Problem of Cryptoart

History of DeFi video

Interview with Brett Scott:  The Future of Money (Part 2)

“Hackers who want to separate you from your bitcoin know what a homoglyph looks like.”

Rachel-Rose O’Leary:  We Have Entered the Anonymous Crypto Age

Rachel-Rose O’Leary: Bitcoin Has Lost Its Way: Here’s How to Return to Crypto’s Subversive Roots

Old School Bitcoin vs BTC Mafia

Museum of Contemporary Digital/Crypto Art

Crypto Art Strategies after the Eco Turn

Discussion with possible collapse scenarios for crypto art hype

Angelicism01: NFTs After Finitude

(compiled, as always, by Geert Lovink)