Link list on NFTs, crypto art, blockchain and other MoneyLab issues (part 13)

Mozilla founder blasts browser maker for accepting ‘planet incinerating’ cryptocurrency donations
The NFT Handbook: How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens
The Weirdness Beyond Web3’s Bullshit
Designing a Digital Euro (via Eduard de Jong)
Tim O’Reilly: Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3
Signal and the push into untraceable payments could put end-to-end encryption at risk
Nifty Tips for the Crypto-Curious Part I: Window Shopping by Adina Glickstein
My First Impressions of Web3
Californian Ideology3: Old School VC Multi-Stackholderism Regulation Proposal for Web3
Slavoj Zizek on NFTs
Francesca Bria on Decentralisation, Sovereignty, and Web3, Interview by E. Morozov
Confiscated crypto in Frankfurt am Main (via Alex, in German)
Best and Worst NFTs in 2021
Basic Income for NY Artists
Krypto-Kunst und NFTs: Viagra für die patriarchalen und kolonialistischen Strukturen des Kunstbetriebs
Artists Say Plagiarized NFTs Are Plaguing Their Community
Let There Be Dark
Worst Crypto of 2021: 10 Projects
Where Are the Tether Billions?
Manifesto: Web0 is the decentralised web, web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit
Hackers Steal $119M From BadgerDAO With Old School Attack
Paul Waelder: Why We Keep Talking About NFTs
Nicolas Weaver; The Web3 Fraud
Six Questions for David Chaum
About The Crypto Syllabus (see below, there are more interviews)
Geraldine Juárez on NFTs & Ghosts—Interview by Evgene Morozov
Brian Eno on NFTs: “Now Artists Can Become Little Capitalist Assholes as Well” (via Sepp)
Secrets About Web3 The VCs Don’t Want YOU (the little guy) To Know – a thread
On the fakeness of our reality and how to fight NFT capitalism with its own crypto kitties
Jay Graber: Web3 is Self-Certifying
Salvatore Iaconesi: NFT What could possibly go wrong? The financialization of life (via nettime)
Beware of sophisticated scams and rug pulls, as thugs target crypto users
Towards a Situationist Blockchain-Challenging the Financial Ideologies of Digital Ledgers
Edward Ongweso Jr. and Jacob Silverman’s podcast on cryptocurrency, NFTs & Elon Musk (via Patricia de Vries)
Cutting a Banksy Into 10,000 (Digital) Pieces
Tina Rivers Ryan: Will the Artworld’s NFT Wars End in Utopia or Dystopia?
NFT oligarchy: study of 6.1M NFT trades finds a few folks at the center of the market
Web3 is not Decentralization
Ed Zitron: The Malevolence of The Metaverse and Web3 Conversation
The Curious Dream to Build the World’s First NFT Museum
Beyond Money – A Postcapitalist Strategy by Anitra Nelson (via Patrice)
Speaking in Tongues with New Age Tech Solutionist Jordan Hall: The holistic metaphor machine of Web3
QAnon shaman releases NFT collection
Miramax, Tarantino and a Fight Over Bright Shiny Objects by Aaron Moss
New book by Achim Szepanski: Financial Capital in the 21st Century, A New Theory of Speculative Capital
Gas Station – A NYC IRL/URL show of digital art NFTs
Yet another contribution to the Proof of Stake vs. Proof of Work debate
Hicetnunc (RIP) and the Merits of Web3
Douglas Rushoff: How NFTs Will Kill Netflix-The Balkanization of media will continue, until it doesn’t
NFTs as micro-social networks: The path to crypto adoption
Other Internet Announces $1M Grant from Uniswap Grants Program
MoneyLab aspects of Facebook’s latest hype: The metaverse is bullshit
Bitcoin is largely controlled by a small group of investors and miners, study finds
Easy Info on Crypto Energy Consumption
Example 247 of SIlicon Valley Right-Wing Libertarian Crypto Investor
About Sarah Friend’s artwork Lifeforms
On Reddit’s Community Points
Platform is Law: The cautionary tale of stolen NFTs
Dogecoin Affirmations
Kei Kreutler: A Prehistory of DAOs, Cooperatives, gaming guilds, and the networks to come
MIT DAO survey
Will Bitcoin Citatels being built?
CumEx Files 2.0: CORRECTIV shows how taxpayers worldwide were cheated out of €150 billion
NYC NFT event with 500+ speakers
“DarkFi is not a corporate startup. It’s a democratic economic experiment, an operating system for society”
Emilie Reed: Play to Lose-NFTs and meme stocks are contributing to the financialization of the self
Max Haiven: The power, potential and peril of the GameStop affair
“TrueBlocks treats public blockchain data and indexes as public infrastructure, not as private goods.”