STRP Scenario #17: Crypto Therapy for Mixed Crypto Feelings

Date: Friday 8 April 2022
Time: different sessions, between 14:00 – 20:00 hrs (CEST)
Location: Eindhoven & Online  

STRP Scenario co-creator: Kyle McDonald
Crypto-therapist: Michelle Kasprzak

During STRP Festival 2022, STRP is collaborating with creative co-creators to create exciting hybrid formats and find surprising ways to delve into the theory and initiate conversations. For STRP Scenario #17: Crypto Therapy for Mixed Crypto Feelings, STRP and co-creator Kyle McDonald set up guided therapy sessions for anyone who wants to face their own feelings regarding crypto currencies and NFTs.

While the discourse around NFTs is saturated with facts and figures and analysis, we haven’t taken much time to talk about how we feel. STRP Scenario #17: Crypto Therapy for Mixed Crypto Feelings asks questions about our confusion, excitement, frustration, financial anxiety, or even changing friendships due to the complex phenomenon of crypto currencies and NFTs. We want to create a safe and private space where we can share and talk through some of our feelings and try to better understand the social dynamics behind crypto-anxiety and why we have each taken our own approach. Join us in exploring the plans for our future — with or without crypto.

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