OUT NOW: DungeonCoin Black Paper & Video Essay

Dungeon Master, the world’s most brutal academic speed metal powerpoint band is totally fucking hyped to announce the release of DungeonCoin.

DungeonCoin is the world’s most brutal blockchain. A truly useless alternative token for decentralized brutality and CRYTPO-Art. Finally, you can earn ROI on yr MFA.

DungeonCoin is the most consequential development in the history of Western Civilization, and the most important artistic discovery of the 21st century.

Combining the most bleeding edge technology with the height of aesthetic rigor, DungeonCoin promises to revolutionize both art and cryptocurrency for a new generation of academic speed metal scholars.

The Black Paper announces this revolutionary technology in pain-staking detail; providing a roadmap to build out the technical infrastructure to liberate the crap out of Humanities research.

The Black Paper PDF can be found at http://dungeonmasterllc.com
Conversely, The Black Paper is presented as a multi-part video essay found on a youtube playlist. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSWnisQNmhUEDouh-T1W-9VV0nFHQB8Y5

The DungeonCoin Pitch Deck video summarizes the exciting innovations that DungeonCoin is unleashing on the world. https://youtu.be/_4OuvvmZX1E

For more information please visit:
Dungeonmaster (@dungeonmasterllc) • Instagram photos and videos
Dungeon Master – YouTube