Link list on NFTs, crypto art, blockchain and other MoneyLab issues (part 15)

What the Sam Bankman-Fried debacle can teach us about “longtermism”
History of FTX podcast
Stephen Diehl: Crypto is the ‘commoditisation of populist anger, gambling and crime’ (plus video)
Ruben Pater on Crypto-Anarchism
AWS and Blockchain
Carol Alexander: Binance Spoofy Bots Cause Mass Liquidations
Brett Scott: The Casino-Chip Society
Interview with the authors of Radical Friends
Crypto is dead | Yanis Varoufakis x Viktor Tábori x Brain Bar
Web3 sees 15 new scam smart contracts an hour — Solidus Labs
Debunking the narratives about cryptocurrency and financial inclusion (via EdJ)
Aksioma conference: From Commons to NFTs
Binance Walks Away from FTX aquisition, followed by their bankruptcy and a hack
The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship (via Patrice)
Lunarpunk and the Dark Side of the Cycle
Art for UBI book launch
Zero Credit: Countering the Dreams of Technofinance (Max Haiven a.o.)
Kei Kreuter on Software and Memory
Sarah Friend: Asset Logics
Zurich NFT Exhibit Do Your Own Research
Binance hit by a $570 million hack
Silvio Lorusso and Sebastian Smieg’s A Slice of the Pie
Speculative Communities – Living with Uncertainty in a Financialized World by Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou
Evidence Overload: Farage and Bitcoin as “the Ultimate Freedom”
Crypto School free of ethics, reflection, criticism and theory
Crypto Fashion Lifestyle: Urbit (via Jacob Silverman)
Tinder to kill its own cryptocurrency
Publishers: NFTs will let us squeeze even more money out of students
Why NFT Creators Are Going cc0
Pros and Cons of DAO, Insider Reflections
Cowgirl DAO’s FUCK YOU Collection Manifesto
Congolese Plantation Workers Art League NFT sales
Don’t fall for the hype — 6 ways to evaluate a crypto project
Blockchain and NFTs conference in Kassel during Documenta 15
Anonymous video warning Terra schemer Do Kwon
Amsterdam protest against the arrest of Tornado Cash owner
Alex Tapscott defending Tornado Cash
“51% of the daily bitcoin trading volume being reported is likely bogus”
The Blockchain Socialist: Crypto and the Left with Cory Doctorow
Review of Quaranta’s Surfing with Satoshi
New Inquiry Magazine issue on assets
Why crypto fans love Telegram
Microsoft to blockheads: NFTs and blockchains aren’t welcome in Minecraft
El Salvador’s Bitcoin Embrace did not bring prosperity
In case you are short of NFT news
Ed Zitron: The Consequences of Silence
NFT Project lost only 22M$ to returning hackers
Real Anarchists React to ‘The Anarchists,’ A New Series About Crypto Bros
The Crypto Revolution Wants to Reimagine Books
What Psychedelics and Bitcoin Have in Common
Podcast: CloudMoney with Brett Scott
The Right Never to Be Forgotten—Blockchain & Privacy
Nomad just got drained for over $150M 
Cory Doctorow on Stablecoins and Crypto-Fraud
Web3 is going just great
Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer on grifts, Elon Musk, crypto bubbles and Pauline Hanson
Keep the web free, say no to Web3
They used my identity to flog a doomed cryptocurrency
The Academic Suppression And Ignoring Of Bitcoin
NFTs — Crypto Homeopathy
FBI Arrests Nate Chastain For OpenSea Insider Trading Scam
NFT Problems
Fazit: Blockchains are Centralized by Definition
Crypto crisis: how digital currencies went from boom to collapse (via Patrice)
Why I am Cryptophobic
On the Crypto Critic Molly White (via Patrice)