Link list on NTFs, crypto art, blockchain and other MoneyLab issues (part 16)

David Rosenthal: Crypto, My Part In Its Downfall (via Eduard de Jong)
Dan Darkpill on Brian Daugherty of the Bitcoin Association: “If you are wondering where senators, politicians & MSM get their information regarding Bitcoin energy use. Here is a person who works for a fraudulent organization, describing himself as a “Certified Bitcoin Investigator” & claiming to advise DoD & EU giving ‘expert’ testimony.”
‘Robin Hood’ hacker steals rich Russian crypto funds, gives to poor Ukraine
Former OpenSea Staffer Convicted of NFT Fraud
Tom Mitchelhill: Bitcoin Influencers Are Eating Themselves Alive
Repeat after me: “I will not be exit liquidity!”
Crypto and Social AI Musings by Justin Murphy
Sarah Friend: NFTs, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the market
Top 10 crypto artist Trevor Jones on being rich, rekt and rich again: NFT Creator
The Billion Dollar Scam: How Milton Group Used UK Premier League Sponsorship to Target Fans (BBC)
Terraform Do Kwon Arrested in Montenegro
Bitcoin Art: Von Wong’s Giant E-Waste Shitoshi Skull
Verduyn: Conjuring a cooler world? Imaginaries of Improvement in Blockchain Climate Finance Experiments
First report FTX court filing
From Crypto Critic’s Corner, Episode 1: Tether, a Stable Discussion… to
Crypto Critic’s Corner, Episode 114: Binance in Trouble
What is Crypto Dust?
The Rise and Fall of Argentina’s Celebrity Crypto Pastor
Taylor Swift didn’t sign $100 million FTX sponsorship deal
The Orange Pill: German literary critic Ijoma Mangold falls in love with Bitcoin
Crypto mixer Sinbad looks uncannily like a remix of North Korea’s notorious Blender
Brett Scott on CBDC
Decentralized Autonomous (dis)Organization
The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse and the Polycrisis
How Russia is waging a crypto war in Ukraine…and losing (video & report)
Mirror: The Home for Web3 Publishing (via Tommaso)
A Dearth of Secrets, an Excess of Capital: SVB’s Explosion
Police pounce on ‘pompompurin’ – the alleged mastermind of BreachForums
Molly White: The Venture Capitalists Dilemma

Peter Lunenfeld: Null Demos: the long confidence games of cryptocurrencies″>

Bitcoin Is the Rediscovery of Money; Bitcoin is a Religion (via E. de Jong)
Max Hampshire on Nym, Tor & Internet Privacy
Can DAOs meet the requirements of the 7 Cooperative Principles?
Yet another FTX video that summarizes the story: Lest We Forget?
Binance is not so fine
The TRUTH About The Lightning Network Will SHOCK You (via E. de Jong)
Amir Taaki: FTX where next
Aussie insight: crypto is used for bad things (via Patrice Riemens)
Mollly White on Everything SBF is doing is in the singular pursuit of not going to jail (and more…)