Link list on NFTs, crypto art, blockchain and other MoneyLab issues (part 17)

Why I am Cryptophic

Pop-up Community zuzalu, Istanbul, November 2023

Are NFTs Dead?

Jacob Silverman: Blowing Up the Crypto Cartel

SafeMoon executives withdrew $200 million

Joan Westerberg: Sam Bankman-Fried is a feature, not a bug

The fake hitman, the crypto king and a wild revenge plan gone bad (via Brett Scott)

Berlin-based Circles project terminates operations as a coop (via Tara Merk)

It doesn’t really matter who created Bitcoin or why

In Crypto, Apps Need Infrastructure Like Infrastructure Needs Apps

Ponzinomics – Sam Bankman-Fried, Gisele and a Credulous Michael Lewis at the Zenith of Crypto Hype

Dead NFTs: The Evolving Landscape of the NFT Market

Book Review of Number Go Up, On Crypto Shenanigans by Zeke Faux (via EdJ)

What were NFTs? A fad, and the next one is just around the corner

Molly White: A preview of the Sam Bankman-Fried trial

GoFailMe, The Unfulfilled Promise of Digital Crowdfunding by Erik Schneiderhan and Martin Lukk

The Hard Economics of Selling Data

LI-MA Presents: Blockchain art, an update

Broken Money: Why Our Financial System is Failing Us and How We Can Make it Better by Lyn Alden

Report of the Bitcoin Amsterdam Conference, Oct 2023

Gemini, Genesis, and DCG sued over $1 billion for alleged fraud

The sanctions against Tornado Cash could signal a new era of infrastructural imperialism

RIP MoneyLab speaker David Golumbia, 1963–2023

“An ecosystem that doesn’t care about users, business practices and marketing its product.”

Achim Szepanski, Money and Capital, part I

Archim Szepanski, Derivative Quantumfield Communism

Alejandro Marcó del Pont: A Future Multipolar Monetary Order

Hong Kong influencer cut ties with platform JPEX at centre of alleged fraud scandal

Crypto and the Real Meaning of ‘Radicalism’ (book review)

Inte Gloerich: Towards DAOs of Difference-Reading Blockchain Through Sylvia Wynter

A short history of NFTs till early 2023

About Rhett Mankind’s Turbo Toad

Special issue of Finance and Society on Volatility in Finance, Art, and Culture

Tornado Cash mixer service charged with laundering more than $1 billion in criminal proceeds

Brett Scott on Payment Spotting

French data watchdog probes Worldcoin’s Paris hub

NFT collapse and monster egos feature in new Murakami exhibition

Just out–Easy Money: Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, and the Golden Age of Fraud

Are DAOs overhyped and unworkable? Lessons from the front lines

Arkham Intelligence releases “dox-to-earn” project

Want to prove you’re really human? Let Sam Altman scan your eyeballs

Vitalik Buterin: What do I think about biometric proof of personhood?

Related… Introducing Worldcoin: A New Identity and Financial Network

Molly White on WorldCoin: A Solution in Search of its Problem

Worldcoin isn’t as bad as it sounds: It’s worse

The Bored Ape Yacht Club Saga: Triumphs, Trials, and Tragedies

Will Cryptocurrency Ever Deliver on Its Grand Vision?

How I discovered the underground world of credit card network exploitation

Blockchain Radical by Josh Davila—How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It

Jacob Silverman: Blowing Up the Crypto Cartel

Brett Scott on Zero is the Future of Money

More on Sam Altman’s Eye Scanning WorldCoin Crypto Scheme

Web3Privacy: Tornado Cash 2023 Prague Conference Videos

Hacker drains Russian special services wallets, transfers funds to Ukraine

Making DAOs Work

Dumb Money film trailer on Game Stop episode

The Digital Euro: A Flawed Concept Doomed to Flop (via Patrice Riemens)

Blockchain Scenes, Journal of Digital Social Research Issue

Other Internet Newsletter

Ex Celsius CEO arrested, the company agrees to pay $4.7 billion settlement