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October 18th, 2015


Coinciding with the financial year to propose value of a different kind, the inaugural 2015-16 volume of FavourEconomy has officially commenced!

FavourEconomy is an archive of audio favours created by women for women who work in the arts – established by Claire Field  in collaboration with curatorial colleagues, Alex Pedley and Bronwyn Tracey. The women-only audio archive for Favour Economy, asks women to contribute favours. These favours are audio recordings, the content of which may be anything but should be something that is meaningful and that one wants to share for the benefit of other women working in the arts industry. This archive of favours aims to assist with the development of a supportive culture through enabling more women to voice their experiences and share with each other key learnings they have cultivated as arts practitioners.

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A few of us have been invited to be one of the inaugural contributors to the Favour Economy archive. An audio recording or ‘favour’ should contain information or advice that has aided or been of inspiration. It operates as a platform where women can share their knowledge and experience as a favour. The word favour is used to promote a culture of supportive communication and information sharing – created by women for women.

The curators state “Many incredible women have contributed to the currently developing inaugural volume including (in alphabetical order) Bee Rhodes Downes, Michaela Gleave, Janis Lander, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Brigita Ozolins, Pip Stafford and collaborative artist duo Mish Meijers & Tricky Walsh. If you are interested in participating in the FavourEconomy or if you know someone who would like to be involved in the project definitely get in touch with FavourEconomy


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