From Weak Ties to Organized Networks

July 3rd, 2009 by margreet

Proudly we present the Winter Camp report; From Weak Ties to Organized Networks – Ideas, reports and Critiques.

about the publication: In March 2009 the Institute of Network Cultures brought 12 networks to Amsterdam for a week of getting things done. Aim of Winter Camp was to connect the virtual with the real in order to find out how distributed social networks can collaborate more effectively. The more people start working together online, the more urgent it becomes to develop sustainable network models. Do we just go online to gather ‘friends’ or do we get organized and utilize these tools to provoke real change in how we work together? How do networks deal with difference, decision making and economic issues? Together with 28 online interviews, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the general issues that the participating networks dealt with during Winter Camp.

colophon: Editor: Geert Lovink. Editorial Assistance: Margreet Riphagen. Copy editing: Marije van Eck. Design: Michael Schekyr Printing: Raamwerken Printing & Design B.V. Illustrations: Het Harde Potlood. Photos: Anne Helmond and others. Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. ISBN: 978-90-78146-08-7.

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The whole project is now documented together with the videos and the photostream. Download here the pdf.


Video Interviews Online!

April 23rd, 2009 by sabine

The Winter Camp meta-group is happy to announce that the video interviews that we conducted during Wintercamp have been uploaded to Vimeo! During the event, we have made many interviews. A total of 28(!) was selected and are now available online, in HD quality. They are also available for downloading as .ogg files (to be played with for instance VLC Player).

We hope that the interviews will be viewed, downloaded, screened and shared extensively, and would like to thank all the networks and interviewees for collaborating with us on this wonderful collection of insights into how networks work. A special thanks goes out to Gerbrand Oudenaarden from Engage! Tactical Media, who did the entire production. And thanks to Urte Jurgaityte, for assisting Gerbrand and the meta-group interviewers in getting this done. And of course Margreet Riphagen and Minke Kampman, who made it all happen.

Link to interviews:


What’s Next?

April 17th, 2009 by sabine

First of all: a big thanks to everybody for the wonderful event, your participation, your contributions, and your support for making this happen.

Winter Camp Winter Camp Winter Camp Winter Camp Winter Camp

We’d like to inform your about what’s next for the Winter Camp meta-group. The post-production of the video interviews is in full swing, and the results look excellent. We will upload everything on Vimeo and will send an announcement when everything is online, which will be end of April. Of course we’re closing the project productionally and financially, to report to our funders. Early spring we will produce a Winter Camp report, which is mainly based on the blog posts and dispatches, pictures and illustrations we made throughout the event. The next step will be to start working on a winter camp publication. Of course all suggestions are welcome (for contributions, interesting materials for the report or the publication, etc).
Flickr users: please tag all your uploaded Winter Camp pics with the tag wintercamp09, and add them to the wintercamp09 Flickr group: