desk-talk #1 / Nick Montfort

In line with my latest digression on (post?)cinematic textual engagement VS heavily textualized (desktop?) movies, here you have the first video-interview of a series I’m working on – specifically dedicated to desktopian research.

The format is aimed both at investigating & discussing the way peculiar guests arrange their digital surroundings / persona, but also at experimenting with a blended vlogging / video-essay formula.

C A V E A T : probably due to the usual poltergeist in the machine, a tedious buzz appeared in post-production (mysteriously alligned mainly with my voice); neither me nor my guest were hearing that noise during the interview, and the streaming platform is usually very stable..  for the sake of spontaneity, I decided to stay with this fresh first take – buzz included (read: I juggled with audio parameters to reduce it as much as possible, hoping you won’t suffer too much!)

studies creative computing and develops computational art and poetry. His computer-generated books of poetry include #!, 2×6, Autopia, The Truelist, and the recently published Golem. He is co-editor of The New Media Reader (a quite influential textbook) and teaches digital media at MIT. He’s the founder of The Trope Tank, a DIY research lab/studio that undertakes scholarly and aesthetic projects and offers material computing resources.