desk-talk #2 / W. J. T. Mitchell

Here we are again.

Not too much to write as an intro, you already know the rules (this is the second vlogpost in a series); simply fasten your seatbealts, start the clip below and ENJOY !

PS = don’t search for a speed control button on Vimeo, it’s not there [ yet ]
– anyway, I hope/guess this video-conversation is hectic enough on its own..


is editor of the interdisciplinary journal Critical Inquiry, a quarterly devoted to critical theory in the arts & human sciences. Widely acclaimed as a scholar of media and literature, he is associated with the emergent fields of visual culture and iconology – with a particular focus on the relations of visual and verbal representations in the context of social and political issues. His latest book is Mental Traveler, a very personal yet thought-provoking memoir.

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