desk-talk #4 / Bojana Romic

New issue of the desk-talk series.

This is a precious one, since – as in a [ partially unexpected ] symmetrical counterpoint to the previous take (with all its related stylistic ruminations) – it’s mostly a warm off-desktop conversation.

A different rhythm, then: quasi-televisual cuts, non-verbal cues, definitely more skin & bodily texture than pixels and digital tapestries. Nevertheless, computational appendices & humandroid sparkles are constantly / still there – hidden around the interviewee, alluded at in both her creative and theoretical filtering, inhabiting an acrobatically bittersweet discussion as unavoidable ghostly presences.

Feel (free to feel) the FLOW,
see where it leads and/or lands.


is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at Malmö University, Sweden. She’s also a trained visual artist, and her current research project The Robot as a Technocultural Icon focuses on robots invested in cultural production. While observing robots drawing and performing, a multitude of questions potentially arise: who is the author of the final drawing – a robot, or the artist that programmed the robot? Is the final artefact a drawing in the first place? This is an exploration of the limits of language, and the assemblages that humans form with technology.