desk-talk #5 / Derrick de Kerckhove

Brand new desk-talkZ episode.

The original interview was recorded in May 2021,
but it took me quite a long time to come out with this
polished (yet fizzy) result.

To start with, the last months were definitely convoluted in terms of personal logistics and work routine; on the other hand, though, I didn’t want to spoil the magic of a decidedly deep and stratified raw source (read: almost 2 hrs of convivial jam session, interspersed with a bunch of juicy Italian-spoken interludes, the usual awry technicalities + a surprise thunderstorm that caused aural/visual intermittences on my side and water infiltration on my interviewee’s..).

b y t h e w a y

I stop here
(why bother with additional te[xtual]aser info,
when/if images are so insightful and entertaining?)

you can instead play below here
(just find some 1o+ notifications-proof min,
relax and throw open your sensorium!)


is a Belgian sociologist naturalized Canadian; he worked with archetypal media studies guru Marshall McLuhan as a translator, assistant and co-author (from 1972 to 1980), then becoming the Director of the very McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto (from 1983 to 2008). Since 2007 he’s mostly active in Italy, where he’s been teaching at the University of Naples Federico II and Polytechnic University of Milan. He has offered connected intelligence seminars all around the world – offering his innovative approach to learning institutions as well as business companies and governments.

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ps = did you already check my previous post ,
with its associated e-advent calendar (now an on-demand media-tapestry)?

with hindsight, it’s very much along the lines of this distinguished guest

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